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NeonTextbooks says...


It's been, like...two months since I last talked to you. (possible exaggeration.)

I've really been doing nothing...and changed my "about me" once.

Ah, my uneventful life.

May 6, 2009
Value1k says...

i was going to buy gantz but my skimpy pvt paycheck doesn't go too far lmao..

Apr 21, 2009
NeonTextbooks says...

I think Vampire Knight Guilty just came out to continue the story. Matsuri Hino continued writing Vampire Knight after the first season ended, so I think it's just there to fill in gaps or something. I finished watching it last night. It's so...weird. But it was just as...vampirey...as Vampire Knight.

Claymore, Claymore...I haven't gotten around to watching it, yet, but it's on my mental list...thing.

Apr 15, 2009
Value1k says...

you watching Tenjho Tenge? god i love the art in that show

Apr 14, 2009
NeonTextbooks says...

You lost your glasses?! If I ever did that, as much as I despise my glasses, I'd probably end up dead...

I'm glad you're enjoying Vampire Knight! Last night I actually started watching "Vampire Knight Guilty" because it's kind of like season two of Vamprie Knight. I was a bit curious...so...I attempted reading the subtitles with one eye closed...heh. Not fun.

Apr 10, 2009