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Hi! My name is Shawn Nakashima. I am a univercity student, majoring in Mathematics. English is my first and only language, though i would like to learn japanese. My two passtimes are anime and videogames, and i enjoy them in a 50/50 ratio as best i can ( though nowadays, work and studys come first ). As a kid i enjoyed what little anime i had available to me, namely dragonball Z, Inuyasha and Gundam wing. After being introduced to higher quality anime, namely FMA, i became quite hooked, and began broadening my repetois. I have to thank this site tremendously for the recomendation database, as it introduced me to so much entertainment this past year, its rediculous. Feel free to contact me though e-mail if you so feel inclined, as i am always up for discussion on amine (my community does not have too many fans that i am aware of, so such conversations are scarce).

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