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Hiiii :3 I absolutely love Anime. Sometimes I wonder if I will be as attached to anime as I am now in the future. I hope that someday my obsession will be worth it all. I also hope that i can cosplay soon c: I don't mind watching subbed or dubbed animes. It is all preferable on what my mood is at the time. I listen to japanese music too, yay!

I cannot pinpoint a single genre that I like or don't like, so don't be afraid to offer me anything.

My favourite anime's are pretty much everything that i've seen. I'm satisfied pretty easily when it comes to anime, unless it's like plain out stupid lol. The only anime genre's i basically refuse to watch are the ones about robots, hentai ones, or super gory ones :C

I also like to read manga. I've seen more anime then of manga i've read though.

I'm obsessed with this song ---->

"dango, dango, dango, dango, dango, daikazoku :3"

I really like to draw, whether it's with a pencil and a piece of paper, or on my computer. I do have a tablet. Sometimes i like to create characters of my own, and give them personalities. I also like to do fanart. I like to do the Caramelldansen dance in real life. So yeah, i'm a dork ^_^ I pretty much love of all the colours in the crayon box, but gray is my favourite .-. I LAUGH all the time, especially with gobbys. :D

Other than Anime i like:

  1. drawing
  2. reading
  3. video games
  4. computer
  5. music

Nakayoshi dango te wo tsunagi ookina marui wa ni naruyo, machi wo tsukuri dango boshi no ue minna de warai auyo. O:

                                  ^-^  ureshii koto kanashii koto mo zenbu marumete  ^-^

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Welcome to Anime-Planet!

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