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Konnichiwa! I love anime.. anything anime... I wish I could draw it better though. I am learning Japanese, and I went to Japan in September... I want to go back... right now!

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Nomadichu says...

damn that sucks the subs on mine are fine, and it is a really sweet show! who did you like the best?

Apr 19, 2008
waterserpent says...

kendo: Japanese martial art: a Japanese martial art in which people fence using bamboo sticks instead of swords Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

^_^ basically, japanese sword fighting

Apr 19, 2008
Sheex says...

Aw, that sucks.  I'm planning to move out in a couple months myself, but fortunately I'll be taking her with me - she's my cat, not a family cat.  Plus, I think she'd die of emotional duress if I left her, as she's super clingy at times and begs and begs for attention. =P

Not to mention she wouldn't have any clean laundry of mine to sleep on.  She makes a point to sleep on any piece of clothing that's fresh out of the washing machine. ><

Apr 19, 2008
skye456 says...

LoL yeah, that would be kinda odd...People might think you were weird xD.

Apr 19, 2008
KiraRin says...

Hi hi ^^

My avatar is from number 5 on my favourites list, Loveless. Beautiful show, with some lovely bishes ;)

Apr 19, 2008