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Konnichiwa! I love anime.. anything anime... I wish I could draw it better though. I am learning Japanese, and I went to Japan in September... I want to go back... right now!

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Norwich, UK

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April 9, 2008

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August 18, 2009

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Vinniikun avatar Vinniikun


Jun 8, 2008

Nice to meet you Nyu!! I saw that you like Elfen Lied too, so maybe we can become friends :)

Entrility avatar Entrility


Jun 5, 2008

Yeah, the other cat was called Mimi.

Byosoku has references to She and Her Cat all over the place, it definately helps to have seen that :P 

wolflol avatar wolflol


Jun 4, 2008

Thanks I found it online I can't remember where.

Entrility avatar Entrility


Jun 4, 2008

She and Her Cat = awesomeness, right? <3

Try Byosoku 5cm (In the database, I think it goes as 5 Centimeters per second, or something like that). Same director as She and Her Cat, same geniousness, etc. It's a movie in 3 parts, about an hour runtime overall.

jc021286 avatar jc021286


May 30, 2008

You're watching Shuffle! I hope you are enjoying it, such a wonderful anime.

Poligamy... lol

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