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Konnichiwa! I love anime.. anything anime... I wish I could draw it better though. I am learning Japanese, and I went to Japan in September... I want to go back... right now!

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SpineShank Jun 23, 2008

I''ll look into that book/CD! And it's too bad that I live in the states because the only language, besides English, that people speak here is Spanish.

And my Avatar is from DeathNote. It's a screenshot of one of my favorite anime characters of all time- "L"! If you haven't seen it you might want to check it out. It's a pretty intence show. And the story gets so crazy, at some parts, that it's almost a mindf*ck.

anyways, Thanks for the Suggestion!

SpineShank Jun 22, 2008

...for the complement^^

and just out of curiosity. how are you learning japanese? Computer program? College? I've been wanting to start taking classes but since I live in Montana there really isn't too many opportunities to take them outside of college. I was, however, going to look into the Rosetta Stone: Japanese (software fo learning Japanese). Do you have any sugestions? 

SpineShank Jun 21, 2008

I Luvz Elfen Lied!

loverofanime Jun 14, 2008

i'm not doing much, all i have been doing is watching anime and hanging out with my friends

loverofanime Jun 10, 2008

sorry for not commenting for a long time, agian xD i'v had a lot to do with school finals and stuff but thank god their finally over and school too, i just got out on friday. and that movie you talked about "the cat returns", i haven't seen it but i want to, i have seen all of the directers other anime moves and they where all really good so i'm gessing that this one is to. what have you been doing lately?