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Story: It's a really basic storyline, and even then its a slow progressing one. Episodes often feel disjointed and don't really lead up to each other until late in the series. Basically it's a group of main characters coming together and setting off on a journey that eventually ends up with them saving the world. Great.

Animation: The style the characters are drawn really bugged me at first, but one can get used to it. The designs are all based off of Dungeon Fighter Online (or Dungeon & Fighter, or Arad Senki, whatever) so they're obviously not very original, but they were recreated decently, I suppose.

Sound: Music works out well, but voices didn't really fit the character sometimes. That could just be me, so I give sound a 7.

Characters: There's no real development with the characters really. Sure there are hints of love, and the gunner does well as comedy relief, but nothing too special. I do like how the villains are portrayed though.

Overall: A mediocre anime, but that's not bad considering it's based off of a game. The comedy can hold the viewers attention long enough to get to the meat of things, which is very late in the series. Until then, the series is best enjoyed by treating each episode without any regard for the previous or next episodes.


5/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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FireFistLuffy Feb 4, 2011

Yeah I was disappointed about the story when I first started watching I honestly thought it was going have a real good at that. But just like your review mentioned it was all over the place, I was about to drop until they started adding hints of love with the main character Baron and the female fighter Ryumei. Got rather curious to how the anime was going to intertwine those to and overall romance into this adventure story. But it turns out it was just a false alarm and yes so the ending rather disappointed for me. Question though you seem to know quite a bit about it, I didn't even know it was based off a game either. Is there a manga based of it? Those the manga continue after the last episode?