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       Greetings, stranger. Nice to meet ya. <3

I tend to have a very broad point of view when it comes to anime, and as such, I think arguments like "_____ (type or title) is better than _____" are silly and unnecessary. It really all comes down to personal preference. So what ecchi harems don't require as much brain-thinking as philosophical mind-screw thrillers? Life is tough enough as it is, so it's fun to loosen up and laugh at frivolousness once in a while. After all, it's entertainment.

Personally, I love pretty, oh-so-beautifully animated anime typically including drama, romance, and depth, but I appreciate comedies as well (I laugh easily!). Otherworldly themes and/or atmospheres are also cool. I love to keep on guessing. (Adore Key and CLAMP!)

There can be exceptions for even the genres I don't like that much. It's got me if there are nicely-developed characters I can love and a well-structured plot to boot.

I rate purely on enjoyment. Anything 3 1/2 stars is a favorite. Anything more is a TOP favorite.

Thanks for reading!

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tennis101101 Feb 9, 2014

You're Avatar and Signature are cool looking. I really like them.