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Hello :)

I'm in my first year of college and i'm studying BTEC Media,

I'm also currently a member of our Archery, Fencing and Karate clubs :)

I've also recently been watching Japanese Dramas which are proving to be amazing!

Moving onto to anime - one of the main purposes of the site :)

Well then, *dramatic drum roll*

I love manga and anime quite a lot! I read any manga put infront of me and tend to buy any manga i find.

I watch most anime also! But i tend to drop things after 1 episode..Then i pick it up again and Love it!

Random examples of this include:

Phantom~Requiem For the Phantom~

Which i would recommend to anyone reading this as this is a Brilliant series!

Although the ending is rather sad, but i think suits it well.

Oh, and Rozen Maiden.

Another good series often dropped, as episode 1 is kinda weird.

I'm always open to Anime suggestions and will always at least read about it and if it interests me,

i'll watch the first episode.

Oh, although i love many characters i do

absolutely adore Alois Trancy!.

If your Anti Alois Trancy then go talk to my buddy

Mewoo as she agrees with you (out of her insanity)




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CeZaS93 Dec 3, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

Mewoo May 23, 2011

Hello oh crazy one, long time no see.

I just watched Phantom: requiem for the phantom, and now I am going to cry, so thankyou very much for that. I loathed the very end. Things were going so well.

This was worse than Sailor suit and Machine gun in which they killed off all the main characters in ways which were completely unrelated to the plotline until the end where only the high school girl remained.

I am now seriously depressed and cannot concentrate on revising for my exam tomorrw.

Once again, thanks.

Mewoo Apr 10, 2011

Hey android, you need to watch arakawa under the bridge, because the same person who plays Nino (the main person) also plays Haruhi Fujioka!!! ALSO PLAYS CIEL PHANTOMHIVE!!!!!!!

Isn't that awesome???

I always told you Ciel was better than alois.

Mewoo Apr 10, 2011

MARIA HOLIC HAS A NEW SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mewoo Feb 5, 2011

Hey crazy android one.

You wanted a non-scicological episode that you will like.

Watch Samurai Champloo. Most of the episodes are on youtube. It has NO romance, and is also really awesome and proof that women are better than men and also it has lots of sword fights and stuff.

Trust me, you will like it, it is not like all these episodes that i try to force you to watch ok. YOU WILL LIKE IT. it is your kind of thing, only there are no fellow giant robots for you.

tu amigo.