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Born in 1991 in small but quite a famous (in a bad way) city in the south of Poland.

Interested in computers in general, music (can listen to pretty much everything), technology and, of course, anime releated subjects. Keen on reading about astronomy and all fields of science. Rather shy for the strangers, but befriend with him and he will not shut up ;)

What do I like in anime?

Pretty much everything, if given in a balanced dose. The best anime is the anime where there is no hurry, the mood and relationships are being developed properly and the ending forces to think for a couple of days.
I could write here the whole Bible, so let's finish on that.

My favorite anime (at least which somehow stuck in my mind):

Funny thing is that couple years ago I would put here damn TOP 30, now I can barely select 3 of them. I guess my mental categories of rating have changed :(

What do I like in characters?

Inner depth, definitely. I prefer serious and mysterious characters (C.C, Erza SCARLET, Itachi UCHIHA) but some good and positive spirits (HoroKaguya SUMERAGI, Ranka LEE) are my weak side. However, some characters just "have this thing" which makes me like them very much, even though other people can find them quite normal or even boring (Urumi KANZAKI, Kanade TACHIBANA, Ryuuji TAKASU).
These are only representative examples of my preferences. It does not mean they are my favorite characters :)

My favorite characters (in general):



What do I resent in anime?

Too much of pointless fooling around in the series. For me, anime has to be something with limited but universal story, truth, moral, etc. Lack of it for the sake of fanservice makes me often drop some series. Good example is Fairy Tail, even though the first ~70 episodes were quite simple, I liked it - later it became one of those inconsistent "fooling around" with beach-episodes and swimsuit/bikini advertisements with huge breasts, no logic. But at least Erza's breast got 2 sizes bigger, isn't it?

Another thing is "happy ending" based on "let's finish it as it started" - so common in many ecci. Here the representative example can be Rosario to Vampire, it is also good example of the "sissyness" I've mentioned further down.

What do I resent in characters?

Simply, being an idiot and/or a sissy by choice. I also can't stand characters who are too loud, even though they have nothing to say. If some character have been developed to be annoying, then he, she or it probably is in my Hated List :)

I also rate characters by their personality and points of view, so it is not rare to see many antagonists in my list with the blue heart.

People who are... "socially too brave", like crossdressers, pedophiles etc. usualy get an instant transfer to the list either.

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AkaHebi says...

Wake up yourself, dammit xD

Mar 27, 2011
oddin says...

Wiesz teraz też czytam mangę Naruto i jest lepsza napewno od anime :) oglądam je dalej bo mam nowe hobby xD Sprawdzam o ile odcinki anime odbiegają od mangi xDD Nie wiem czemu ale lubie to robić :D

Jeśli chodzi o twój wybór to mogę powiedzieć, że FMA: Brotherhood jest świetny ;) FMP nie oglądałem jeszcze :P Natomiast jeśli chcesz Mobile Suit Gundam oglądać to rekomenduję koniecznie SEED :D jest świetny :)

Pozdrawiam oddin :)

Jul 1, 2010
oddin says...

A siemka :D no wiesz całkiem możliwe, że przez twoje dodanie xD choć nie jestem pewny bo to wnocy tak przeglądałem A-P ^.^

Hehehe xD niezły detal :P 20 G xD lol xD Death Note czytam mangę ;) więc wiem jaki to klimat będzie ;) słyszałem, że jest lepsza od anime :) i tak się złożyło że kumpel ma tą serię od niedawna :D Co tam u ciebie ?? Oglądasz coś interesującego :) ??

Pozdrawiam :)

Jun 25, 2010
Lagore says...

Hehe, thanks for the adivce!  I'll probably still try out the first episode, but I don't have very high hopes.  Don't worry, I drop series right after starting them all the time.

Jun 24, 2010
oddin says...

Siemka :)

A co ci ten użytkownik przeszkadzał :D ?

Podoba mi się twoja lista TOP Filmy Naruto ;] :D Mam dobrą pamięć ;] po za tym ma większość anime co oglądałem kiedyś na płytach :) Mam też 3 rekomendacje napisane od ostatniego razu jak tu byłeś :D Bierz się za oglądanie ^.^ bo anime jest coraz więcej :D

pozdrawiam oddin $.$

Aug 18, 2009