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about me

Born in 1991 in small but quite a (badly) famous city in the south of Poland.

Interested in computers in general, music (can listen to pretty much everything), technology and, of course, anime releated subjects. Keen on reading about astronomy and all fields of science. Rather shy for the strangers, but befriend with him and he will not shut up ;)

What do I like in anime?

Pretty much everything, if given in a balanced dose. The best anime is the anime where there is no hurry, the mood and relationships are being developed properly and the ending forces to think for a couple of days.
I could write here the whole Bible, so let's finish on that.

My favorite anime (at least which somehow stuck in my mind):

Funny thing is that couple years ago I would put here damn TOP 30, now I can barely select 3 of them. I guess my mental categories of rating have changed :(

What do I like in characters?

Inner depth, definitely. I prefer serious and mysterious characters (C.C, Erza SCARLET, Itachi UCHIHA) but some good and positive spirits (HoroKaguya SUMERAGI, Ranka LEE) are my weak side. However, some characters just "have this thing" which makes me like them very much, even though other people can find them quite normal or even boring (Urumi KANZAKI, Kanade TACHIBANA, Ryuuji TAKASU).
These are only representative examples of my preferences. It does not mean they are my favorite characters :)

My favorite characters (in general):



What do I resent in anime?

Too much of pointless fooling around in the series. For me, anime has to be something with limited but universal story, truth, moral, etc. Lack of it for the sake of fanservice makes me often drop some series. Good example is Fairy Tail, even though the first ~70 episodes were quite simple, I liked it - later it became one of those inconsistent "fooling around" with beach-episodes and swimsuit/bikini advertisements with huge breasts, no logic. But at least Erza's breast got 2 sizes bigger, isn't it?

Another thing is "happy ending" based on "let's finish it as it started" - so common in many ecci. Here the representative example can be Rosario to Vampire, it is also good example of the "sissyness" I've mentioned further down.

What do I resent in characters?

Simply, being an idiot and/or a sissy by choice. I also can't stand characters who are too loud, even though they have nothing to say. If some character have been developed to be annoying, then he, she or it probably is in my Hated List :)

I also rate characters by their personality and points of view, so it is not rare to see many antagonists in my list with the blue heart.

People who are... "socially too brave", like crossdressers, pedophiles etc. usualy get an instant transfer to the list either.

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oddin avatar oddin

Tell Me About Yourself!

Sep 3, 2013

Siemasz Młody :P

No tak ciągle żyje :D głównie na MAL-u siedzę, mam tam konto też :)

Od wczoraj oglądam "świerzynkę" Blood Lad, zwariowana ale śmieszna :D Polecam!

Oglądałem ostatnio SAO i Zero No (całą serię aż do F) też sobie oba tytuły chwalę :)

A ty co oglądasz ??



oddin avatar oddin


Jan 31, 2012

A to ciekawe :) to może sie skusze jak bede mial czas :) a co teraz goladasz ? :) masz cos do polecenia :) ??

oddin avatar oddin

Great Profile!

Jan 4, 2012

Aha :D hehe :D wiesz co, to spytaj się znajomego :) bo bardzo często manga jest lepsza :) Pozdrowienia :D i Szczęśliwegp nowego roku :] ^.^

oddin avatar oddin

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 23, 2011


Dzięki za twoją rozwiniętą opinie na temat Fairy Tail :) po przeczytaniu jej jeszcze zastanowie się czy oglądać to anime, poukładam sobie to w głowie o podejme decyzje ;) A tak po za tym czytasz Fairy Tail mange może ? są różnice ? :) Co tam oglądasz jeszcze w wolne chwile :) ?

Cheers, oddin

oddin avatar oddin


Dec 7, 2011


Czytałem, że oglądasz Fairy Tail :) Jak się ogląda opłaca się zacząć ? Co oglądasz jeszcz :)? a może czytasz coś ciekawego ? Ostatnio, powiem ci szczerze mało tu bywam :P ale raz a tygodniu próbuje być :) wiesz czytam Naruto, One Piece i od niedawna był restart Hunter X Hunter co też czytam :)

Pozdrowienia, oddin

P.S. Odpowiedz jak będziesz poprostu :)

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