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about me

name: unfortunately not something cool like nura rihan but if you wanna know that badly just ask :P

age: look to the right ------>

I'm a HUGE one piece fan! it's the best anime ever in my opinion, I love the characters, action, plot and humour, the artwork is brilliant too. and it even has good movies.

meet the straw hats!!


my favourite things besides anime are:


video games and gaming obviously :P

listening to music and going to gigs!!!

bands that i have seen live are:

rage against the machine, gallows, gogol bordello, red hot chili peppers, funeral for a friend, sum41, boys like girls, cute is what we aim for, the skints, suburban legends, reel big fish, disturbed, papa roach, magnus puto and electric six.

food and more accurately pizza haha its the best ooh ooh and sweet things too i get serious cravings :D

having a laugh with my friends, drinking and partying.

watching movies and some tv shows (house, scrubs , south park, sherlock and a few others)

im a fan of sports like cricket and tennis but dont play it as much as i'd like to or should haha

i also love animals (despite being allergic to most :( ) my favourite animal would be cats they are the best!

anything else that you're probably desperate to know just enquire about i dont mind sharing :)

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mellorinechan avatar mellorinechan


Sep 24, 2013

No problem! ;)

Kikicuddly1 avatar Kikicuddly1


Sep 29, 2012

Halloooo, it seruously has been a long time since we last talked.Oooh, I just got my new phone and it looks pretty awesome. B)

I`ll make sure I tell you when I get further into the story line. :)

yuki1496 avatar yuki1496


Sep 18, 2012

yeah it was dissapointing

ICHIGO14 avatar ICHIGO14


Sep 12, 2012

who are you talking about

ShadowKurosaki avatar ShadowKurosaki


Sep 11, 2012

Awww~! Thank you! You just wanting to help is enough!

Yeah it really is horrible and the only thing you can do is try to get out of it... Which is no easy takes specially if your like that for a long time. I am not fully better but I am getting out of which is the main point! Be careful with what you say i just might actually do it!!

Yes it is true your are just students but I didn't no if you were living by yourself with your parents help. 3 roommates nice can have a gathering every night LOL! Jks! Sounds nice! It's good you like it! Hahah you sound like the year just started when it's nearly over hahah! But I'm sure the rest of it will be brilliant and won't end at the end of it lols! Forget the gathering with people living near by party every night! and you don't have to worry about how you get home! Lol!

All jokes aside it sounds really nice and fun I'm happy for you!

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