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It dawned on me that you know how it's ball's in my court you know basically and this is up to me you know they've done their part maintain they changed something with my anatomy in my stomach on you know Safer Colon I got to comply I got to do what I got to do to you know make this work and you know my surgeon and anybody who's ever had a bariatric procedure will tell you got to change a whole lot and if you don’t you will lose weight for a period of time and unfortunately you can you may see this quite a bit if you know anybody to bear thereafter community you also see folks that don't change your life now regain that way back been that's true for anybody no matter how you lose your weight if you don't make the lifestyle change you're not going to stay there right and Isere so many people wasting time talking about what's betters a diet or is it exercise like it's a choice right but the reality is everything and I what we have sallow day and year changer change data to or excuse me change your mind change your life and years use that stuff earlier a lock .

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