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Hiya :D

I'm new here so go easy ^^


In no order i love,

Music... well. I kinda like everthing except rap and hip hop. Although internet rap is k.

I've always wanted to watch:

  1. Bleach
  2. Haruhi
  3. Hellsing
  4. Digimon season 5&6
  5. School days

Out of these i have watched.

none ;<

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ninjabladeJr Aug 15, 2009

hay we are both new and like video games and manga so can you add as a friend (((i already did you)I'm a bad speller)and no I'm not a little kid I'm 14)

Lcn Jan 10, 2008

You have really nice avatar... I like elfen lied too=P

Reawen Nov 14, 2007

Your avatar does look sad! Then again, I'm not so sure she had a whole lot going for her to look happy about >_<

I've seen #1-3 on your list of anime you've always wanted to watch - I like Bleach and Hellsing, but Haruhi didn't impress me as much. It was really hyped up as a super great series, so I think my expectations were too high. Still, a whole lot of people love it, so maybe it's just me...

Anyway, you should put those on your "Want to Watch" list, and get busy watching them! Your anime list is entirely too small... I prescribe a few days of anime binges to correct this issue. ^_^ Just wait until you get addicted to watching your "My Life Spent on Anime" bar grow...

wolfangel87 Nov 13, 2007

Your avatar looks so sad!!!!

I really like it though! 

sothis Nov 12, 2007

Definitely watch Hellsing!!! It's super awesome :D