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about me

A guy from Poland that really is sick when it comes to Anime ^^' (That's what my community says)

So I like Anime since like I don't know age of 10

I also like METAL and MORE METAL music ofcourse

RPG games and stuff like that

And I just luv to see people's faces when it comes to deeper introduce and they're like WTF he watches anime! OMG IT'S FOR CHILDREN! omg and he listens to the dark side of music! oO (Yea that's what it is for like 90% of Christianity people I have them bunch here in my country...)

So, if ya liked my profile (don't have any idea how could you find it anyway) don't forget to leave a coment so we can get in touch or whateva.

Noxtern \m/

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January 21, 2008

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December 30, 2010

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Drac avatar Drac


May 21, 2008

well maybe we will be able to play together someday :P

Drac avatar Drac

Tell Me About Yourself!

May 18, 2008

paper ones ofcorse ;pi Luv neouroshima and warhammer.. sometimes i play mage with friends but our mage mg is realy moody xd

Drac avatar Drac


May 17, 2008

yo ^^ just come to say hello ;pwhatz your favorite rpg?

HaruChan avatar HaruChan


Feb 20, 2008

thank you ^^

i just know what is good, it's important to survive in the anime otaku world xD

HaruChan avatar HaruChan


Feb 20, 2008

i see...dark music and anime..nice nice xD keep walking you're 0 class person! btw fma totally rlz^^

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