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xDeviNx Oct 12, 2011

It really did have an impact on me! The funny thing is I'm not even done watching After Story. I hope Nagisa doesn't die because I accidently read a spoiler comment and read a little too much. If she dies I bet I will tear up more than I have ever teared up for an Anime! I'm so happy you recommened it though because I would have never of watched it. Thanks again!

Shiraiyuki Sep 30, 2011

Thanks, i like your avatar too, its from Code Geass, right?

i've seen SO MANY CG fans, that im thinking '' i should totally watch it!''

but im not sure and i dont wanna add another anime to my dropped list, so.... is CG good, or at least worth watching???

xDeviNx Sep 30, 2011

Angel Beats was so amazing! I want a season 2 of them in like the after life or something haha. But yah I'm definitely going to continue watching Clannad soon. It already is making me laugh. I just hope the ending isn't a total sobfest.

xDeviNx Sep 26, 2011

Haha Alright! And yah Angel Beats is getting pretty awesome. I kinda stalled on Clannad for now, but after Angel Beats I'm going to finish it! Well have fun at school. Our time is different so I'm actually going to bed right now haha so I'll ttyl!

xDeviNx Sep 26, 2011

Hey there! I somehow came across your profile.. Idk how really.. But I did and you have similar taste in anime as me! Except for your view in the ecchi in anime, but other than that it's pretty close! So far I see you like some of the same animes that are on my top 5. Highschool of the Dead. Code Geass. and Chobits so far. Well anyway I hope you reply! I would like recommendations from a person that likes basically the same thing as me haha and another friend is always nice! Anyway ttyl.