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Shiraiyuki says...

Thanks =)

I noticed you only read 2 manga's.  You dont like Manga?

Apr 3, 2012
Shiraiyuki says...

Bakuman isn't really like Death Note, but Im sure you'll like it!

and LOL, that song reminds of this one . There was a time when I listened to a lotta vocaloid songs, mostly Megurine Luka songs, she's my fav vocaloid.

I have a LOT of stuff I want to do, but I don't have time, like , I wanna do AMvs, draw, read manga, finish Bleach, finish my stalled animes......and more stuff. Last year I started learning the basic greetings and japanese (that was in November I think)and in January I learned the Hiragana. Last week, I started to learn the japanese verbs and nouns and that stuff.

But I also have school - tests, exams, homework....

Next week I have two Math tests. In the second week I have a History test and its also the dealine for my history report/assignmenyt (<- i dont think thats what you call it! But i dont know what to call it in english) about the olympic games in 1936 and about what Hitlerdid to Jesse Owens.

So Im kinda full. But I would love to learn japanese, cause I'd like to read manga in japanese, and to go to some anime's official websites (most are in japanese).

Apr 3, 2012
Shiraiyuki says...

Cool, I love Kingdom Hearts too ^_^ I have KH and KH II.

<---- Spice and wolf fan too XD

and I've been good, well great in the past week, cause its holiday, but before that I had school and tests and homework..... :C

Right now I'm exploring Dubstep, and I'm planning on doing a Naruto Shippuden

(but it will probably take 2-3 week, cause I want to try some effects and I still dont know he song, or what I'm going to put in my amv so....)

Ive also watched a lot of Bakuman and Durarara lately, they're both amazing, well Durarara in some eps is weird but I love Drrr i think its awesome!! and im loving Bakuman too

so, What kinda of music have you listened lately?

Apr 2, 2012
Shiraiyuki says...

Hey ^_^

 havent talked to u in awhile, how are you?

Apr 1, 2012
xDeviNx says...

Nvm.. I just watched the episode where she.. yah.. :( I'm sad now. Very very sad.. *Tear*

Oct 12, 2011