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Shiraiyuki Apr 3, 2012

Thanks =)

I noticed you only read 2 manga's.  You dont like Manga?

Shiraiyuki Apr 3, 2012

Bakuman isn't really like Death Note, but Im sure you'll like it!

and LOL, that song reminds of this one . There was a time when I listened to a lotta vocaloid songs, mostly Megurine Luka songs, she's my fav vocaloid.

I have a LOT of stuff I want to do, but I don't have time, like , I wanna do AMvs, draw, read manga, finish Bleach, finish my stalled animes......and more stuff. Last year I started learning the basic greetings and japanese (that was in November I think)and in January I learned the Hiragana. Last week, I started to learn the japanese verbs and nouns and that stuff.

But I also have school - tests, exams, homework....

Next week I have two Math tests. In the second week I have a History test and its also the dealine for my history report/assignmenyt (<- i dont think thats what you call it! But i dont know what to call it in english) about the olympic games in 1936 and about what Hitlerdid to Jesse Owens.

So Im kinda full. But I would love to learn japanese, cause I'd like to read manga in japanese, and to go to some anime's official websites (most are in japanese).

Shiraiyuki Apr 2, 2012

Cool, I love Kingdom Hearts too ^_^ I have KH and KH II.

<---- Spice and wolf fan too XD

and I've been good, well great in the past week, cause its holiday, but before that I had school and tests and homework..... :C

Right now I'm exploring Dubstep, and I'm planning on doing a Naruto Shippuden

(but it will probably take 2-3 week, cause I want to try some effects and I still dont know he song, or what I'm going to put in my amv so....)

Ive also watched a lot of Bakuman and Durarara lately, they're both amazing, well Durarara in some eps is weird but I love Drrr i think its awesome!! and im loving Bakuman too

so, What kinda of music have you listened lately?

Shiraiyuki Apr 1, 2012

Hey ^_^

 havent talked to u in awhile, how are you?

xDeviNx Oct 12, 2011

Nvm.. I just watched the episode where she.. yah.. :( I'm sad now. Very very sad.. *Tear*