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Shiraiyuki Jun 10, 2012

I used to watch that stuff too! I remember when I watched all of Beyblade, over and over again, cause they were really slow dubbing it XP

Altho anime dubbed in portuguese -- SUCKS! they're airing one piece in PT, ep 1-50 only and I cant watch it, I tried, but its very very painfull.

They dubbed every anime airing atm except Naruto Shipp.

Shiraiyuki Jun 8, 2012

I watched Chobits, 2 or 3 years ago on tv. It aired right after Tsubasa Chronicles. It was a really good anime, but I wouldnt have watched it if it hadnt aired on tv -- the same with Nodame Cantabile.

Do you have anime airing on tv there? (IDK if this question makes sense, but I hope yo understand)

Shiraiyuki May 12, 2012


maybe I'll watch it, when I finish Macross Frontier, Lovely Complex and Hanasaku Iroha

Shiraiyuki May 5, 2012

Î heard thre's gonna be a 3rd season of Bakuman in the Fall. I watched the first 6 eps of Gosick, and its good but I would say its great or very good, its just good or average. Havent watched Another, heard its good, tell me your opinion after you finish it.

Right now Im watching Sankarea and I think its one the best animes of this year. I wanna finish Bleach, and catch up to Naruto Shippuden. Also catch up/finish to the animes Im watching. Im gonna have 2 really important exams in June and I have to a lot. Plus I have a Math midterm next thursday.

Shiraiyuki Apr 3, 2012


Well, all the manga I have read so far, except Bleach vol. 1, I read it in the internet.

I live in the city, but I have to ask my mom to take me to the store (it takes 1 hour - car, in the freeway) and I don´t have any money right now, I spent it the last time I went there, I bought "Naruto: The Official Character Data Book" -- Its really cool!! I already know what I wanna buy next ---> One Piece vol. 59.