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Shiraiyuki says...

yeah, Holo was way cuter in the manga, I heard they were going to do a season 3, cuz in my opinion season 2 couldve been better. and I hope if they really do a seon 3, t Holo and Lawrence find Yoitsu and its full of Holos friends but she decides she wants to be with lawrence instead :3 cuz its obvious they like each other ^w^

I didnt really like Yuru Yuri, not because of the ecchi or the comedy, cause it was funny but because it kinda looked like a different and not so good verion of K-on. and I fucking oved K-on. (And damn I still havent finished the 2nd season!?) I liked Zero no Tsukaima, I really did it wasnt one ofthose anime thats painful to finish like Yumekui Merry, but its also not one of those anime that I'd like to watch season 2.

So what animes have you been watching lately?

Dec 16, 2012
MindlessHooligan says...

I saw that and need to watch Code Geass, apparently they're similar, and I looooved Guilty Crown, but I'm working on a few shows right now so some time in the near future

Dec 4, 2012
MindlessHooligan says...

Hey, awesome profile and show list, you got some good tastes!

Dec 3, 2012
Shiraiyuki says...

That happens to me a lot --- sometimes "we" - the anime fans just need a break, its perfectly natural (I think -- and probbly healthy too XD)

awesome tsundere face XD

Jun 13, 2012
Shiraiyuki says...

forgot to ask this in the previous comment, sorry =P

are you liking gosick?

Jun 10, 2012