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Shiraiyuki Mar 2, 2013

I really appreciate the offer but it's too much for me right now, Sorrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!! I really do aprreciate it, I'm sure it would be great as writing experience, but I  can't! SORRY! Please don't be mad at me! 

It's a really cool idea tho, and if you want to I can recommend some blogs with writing advice 

Shiraiyuki Feb 24, 2013

Well I'm not sure what made me start writing,  I mean it was probably fanfiction, but I also LOVE books (like when I get money in my birthday or christmas the first thing I think about is 'omg I can buy more books' - even tho my shelves are full). I mean when I think about Harry Potter - which I actuall havent read the books _YET - JK Rowling created an extraordinary world and people love it... okay this isn't a very good explanation and I don't expect to create somethinbg as good as HP or as LOTR but still it's amazing! But hey, if people liked Stephenie Meyer's sparkling vampires I'm sure they'll like something I write -- lke how bad can I be?

most of the time I'm reading articles on writing instead of actually writing cause there's so much stuff I haven't learned yet -- SO MUCH. I only started writing two years ago and when I read stuff I wrote back in 2011 I'm just - omg this is horrible.

But I think writing is fun because,  I'm the one who creates the world, the characters, what happens... this makes me sound like a very arrogant person but whatevs... Its just that it's something you create...again - not a very good explanation :|

And then there's school, and tests. EW - I have 4 tests this week -- wth. But the biggest problem is Literature -- I don't understand most of what my teacher says and for some reason every single poem/story/whatever we read was written by someone who died at least 100 years ago - wtf. What are we supposed to learn from them? I get that everything we read was writen by to portuguese people - I'm Portugal - that's normal but still - nobody in my class gives a fuck about Luís de Camões, or Fernão Lopes. 

Well I'm going to be completely honest with you, I don't undertand almost anything about computers - so programing and coding to me is like chinese and korewan all mixed together but the fact that you self-educated yourself and that you actually undertand that stuff is amazing. Seriously.   

When you say programing, do you mean you make programs or something?? 

(sorry for the really late reply)

Shiraiyuki Jan 27, 2013

I love Poker :D but I'm actually not a terrible player (not great either XD)

Well I hope I an get published XD.....dont really want to think about it if I can't :|

gotta hope for the best!! :D

but I've started a year ago --- when I decided I wanted to be a writer, and since then I've been lkearning so much, and its been so much fun learning all that stuff....but I still have to learn more stuff untill I can actually wirte something 'good'!! omg really excited XD *runs around the house fangirling like the crazy person she is*

I'm actually planning on getting my first job this summer, I'm *finally* allowed to get one --- turning 16 in June YAY!! (really nervous tho -- first job,I'm going to get paid, omg *.*)

What do you do?

Shiraiyuki Jan 13, 2013

even tho I'm late Happy New Year 2013

well I wouldnt say they were spectualar but I loved most of my presents,

my parents gave me earphones YAY (which I needed cuz I fucked up my last ones for the 8th time), and headphones - double YAY!!! most of my aunts/grandparents/greatgrand... gave me money -- and I prefer people give me money cuz I'd rather buy what I want then to receive socks or somth XD (already bought 3 books with that money -- Im a huge bookworm XD)

one of my cousins gave me a scarf and legwarmers --- I LOVED them so fucking much!!!

and that was pretty much it... I loved Christmas!

wut about you?

Shiraiyuki Dec 30, 2012

Hope you had a merry christmas :3

and omg just read the the last comment I sent to you 0.o I misspelled so much X'D 

I have Ro-kyu-bu! stalled at ep 6 and I really liked it even tho I dont usually like sport animes -- probably because I love basket! and if you like basket but don't really like the 'lolicon' -- part like me, I recommend Kuroko no Basket -- it's awesome I LOVE IT

Recently I've been more focused in my writing -- I love writing, I want to be a writer when I grow up =D 

And since I found Tumblr I've been addicted to it :|

Haven't watched much anime because of school :C Only One Piece and Bleach

Re-started watching Docotr Who, currently on season 5!

More people should watch Doctor Who, its AWESOME --Do U like Doctor Who?? (sorry if I look like a crazy fangirl =| which I am btw XD )