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Hi, I see you have stumbled upon my profile, spend some time reading my story will ya?

I'm a 20-year-old boy from Finland, and in love with anime.

It's been almost 4 years since I started watching anime and I can't say I regret it. It's been a wonderful time and I've also learned a lot about life and stuff. And I've taken the Japanese language as a goal to learn it, so I could be able to watch anime without subtitles. Been working hard on it, as I've already talked with a japanese person on Facebook, it was fun. :D

I like Romance, especially shoujo-ai, in anime. It just makes me happy somehow, although I haven't experienced romance in real life yet, but I would love to. :)

Ecchiness in anime is kinda disturbing in my opinion, but it's also funny sometimes. Watching anime only to see big breasted women is something I dislike in people who do it.


I recently bought PS Vita, with Project diva f being the only game on it at the moment. :P Signed up on the Japanese PSN so I can buy games from there when the time comes. :D Prolly gonna buy FFX and FFX-2 seperately from Amazon or something.


Top5 Anime:

1. Clannad

Clannad is one of the best anime ever. The first season is mainly comedic and provides good fun. And the second season has some comedy too, but it's based more on the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa. Also the 2 sidestories are very good. I recommend this for everyone. 

I've decided to buy the Clannad Visual novel sometime in the future, costs like 75$ to buy it from J-List. It's in japanese though, so it could prove a challenge for me. :3


2.  To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

This is my favorite action anime. It's about a couple of girls that live in a city full of ESPs, people who possess extraordinary powers.  It's funny and thrilling and will provide some epic scenes. Can't wait to watch the second season in it's entirety.


3. Guilty Crown

This was one of those "Oh, this guy has watched it and liked it, maybe I should watch it too." Anime. It's what I sometimes do, and it really paid off. I really liked the art and characters of it, and I still listen to one of the OSTs sometimes. The story wasn't half-bad either.


4. Pandora Hearts

I watched this while I was still new to anime. The drawing style is oldish but it's still good in my opinion. It has some action and some drama too. How else it would be here if it weren't good?


5. Code Geass

This has one of the brightest characters ever. Nothing could beat lelouch when it came to strategy or tactics. He just had everything thought out and almost always came as the winner. The ending was a bit shocking, but atleast it was his plan.


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Sianeka says...

Hello!  sothis is redesigning the anime-planet site, and plans to roll out an awesome new site design in July, we believe. The blog feature is not part of the new design, and it is going away.  More information about this here:  Announcement: the blog feature is being deprecated topic link.  (Be sure to check out the new site design when it goes live!)

The blog pages are going away, and will be gone when the site redesign goes live. Your blog here will be removed from the site.

So, if want to keep the information posted in your blog, you will need to copy this information someplace else on the site. If you have any questions how or where to do this, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

(For instance, your blogs posting your thoughts and commentary on the Myself; Yourself anime you watched can be moved to the anime's Discussion topic in the site’s Forum or to a Review of the anime on the title’s Main Details page. For other blog topics, daily activities, latest thoughts, general commentary on life and life subjects can be posted in the general discussion section of the site's Forum.)

Jul 1, 2014
AngelBeatsYui says...

I guess we will, personally I think the manga is more detailed and I was slightly disappointed with the end of the anime, as it hints about another series but even after 5 or 6 years they haven't even mentioned another series. (Oh and you like the Gosick ending too, yay,  I have only just finished that anime so it is nice to see another fan)!

Mar 26, 2014
AngelBeatsYui says...

HI HI, I just had to drop a comment after I read your bio, turns out we have simular interests when it comes to favourites, have you read the Panora Hearts manga? Personally I think it is better than the anime so as a fellow Pandora hearts fan I think you should check it out!!

Mar 26, 2014
Shiraiyuki says...

Well I actually didn't think it would be interesting when I first read the summary ages ago and wasn't thinking of watching it but if you liked it so much I'll check it out :D I don't usually like most music-based anime, I used to like them more when I was little. I like Utapri, Idolmaster and Mermaid Melody. 

The second season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun is airing this season - it only had one episode so far but I think it's going to be awesome like the last one was.

There's a lot of good animes this season. I'm watching a few myself and from I've seen so far there's a few that are really worth watching. There's one, Shingeki no Kyojin - it's horror and I usually don't watch horror and its scary like I'm never ever going to watch it at night!(Then again I get easily scared) But I can't stop watching it. Doesn't make much sense but I just have to know what's going to happened next!

I see you're only watching one anime right now, but are you planning on watching any of the new? 

Apr 15, 2013
MindlessHooligan says...

I'm glad someone else liked that show as much as I did! I also loved the character development. sooooooooo good

Mar 29, 2013