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Ano hana will always be permanently lodged in my top 3 anime of all time ~ <3

(in my list's clannad after stroy, spice and wolf, code geass r2, means all of the seasons i just prefered that season in particular)
Hmmm... Bio... Where to start?

Well i might start off that I am a high school student. I love to watch anime when ever i can. Weekdays, weekend, in between and during study. The genres that I love to watch are...

  • Random.. What other genre gives you the uber randomness that is random.
  • Romance.. Who doesn't like a good old sappy romance.
  • Psychological.. Gotta love the anime's that mess with ya head
  • Adventure.. Its not just an anime its also an adventure
  • Drama.. From the climactic twists to the whinny school girls
  • Comedy.. You will laugh and laugh and maybe laugh some more

Other things I like besides anime..

Well besides anime (and yes there are other things besides anime) are..

  • Music.. I love music! Listening, playing and creating my own. Any kind, shape, form or genre of music is good. I just love it. Instruments I play include piano, guitar and drums, with piano being my favorite.
  • Reading and writing.. Besides I love books and manga, not just reading them but writing and drawing them myself too. A good manga or book can be just as good or sometimes even better then an anime depending on what it is about and how well written it is.
  • Video Games.. Who doesn't love to sit down and play a video game? New or old its all good. From getting chased by ghosts to shredding down zombies with your deployable. From the genres of racing, FPS, Sandbox's, Rpg's to massive MMO's all genres of video games are all good.

I hate rating thigs low so this is my weird rating system (Shortened)

  • 5 Stars - Epic!!
  • 4.5 Stars - Really good!
  • 4 Stars - Good, above average
  • 3.5 stars and lower.. average to not very good, mostly 3-3.5 out of sympathy of not wanting to rate too low.

Note. Just because they are rated by me doesn't mean they are the best or the worst. Its just my opinion. Also if your browsing through anime and see that one is 3 stars give or take a few. Doesn't mean they are bad. It can be that low either because not enough people have rated it or because too many people have rated it so many crazy and various things that the rating gets mixed up.

Top 10... errr 12 no 13 no 14 screw that 20  FTW!!

Not in any particular order really I just couldn't decide

  • Ano hana - Permanently loged in my top 3 anime of all time ~ <3
  • Highschool of the dead - Do I really need to say anything else!?!?!?
  • The_Disappearance_of_Haruhi_Suzumiya - Best movie watched!!
  • Eden of the east - One word, Awesome lol
  • Code Geass: All - Epic plot and mecha bot battles
  • Clannad: All - Best romance, drama that ever made me cry
  • Baka to Test Shoukanjuu - Awesome comedy and randomness!
  • Durarara!! Supernatural, action and violence with a awesome story! what more do you need?
  • Chaos;Head - crazy psychological / thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.
  • School Days - One of the most greatest plot developed school based anime!
  • Kanon All - Still watching but deserves to be up here
  • True Tears - Pure Aweshumness.. until the end =.=
  • Yosuga no Sora - Drama, Romance, SC and Ecchiness with a awesome story, seriously wmdyn?
  • Amagami SS - Super feel good romance comedy, something to lift your spirits.
  • Toradora - If its too sweet put some salt on it =P romance/comedy/drama
  • Summer Wars - One of the most epic and feel good movies I have ever seen!
  • MM! - Need I say more!?!?!!?!?
  • Gintama - One of the best parody, samurai, comedy, shounen like animes i have watched!! even though im only up to ep 90 lol but im getting there.. slowly
  • Spice and Wolf - An awesome wolf anime topped off with comedy and drama with a side order of romance <3 lol.
  • Gurren Laggen - Showed me that looks can be decieving definantly one of the best animes I have watched!


Too long a list just look at everything rated 4 stars+ lol

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Omurqi avatar Omurqi


Feb 4, 2010

Thanks for the recommendation :) I'll get to it once I'm in the mood for a decent RomCom again. I've been putting it off that series for a while now since the looks of the female lead are from a stereotype I'm not very attracted to, but since I've been hearing lots of people praising the show, I'll up it on my want to watch list again :P

xxSilencexx avatar xxSilencexx

Nice Avatar!

Feb 4, 2010

Heya just popping in to say I finally found you XD

Omurqi avatar Omurqi


Feb 2, 2010

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

Enjoy your stay here ^_^

Twyzted7 avatar Twyzted7


Feb 2, 2010

Welcome to A-P!

If you ever have any questions or just lookin for something new to watch feel free to stop by the page.

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