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Sep 26, 2011


Well what can I say? It was close I'll give it that, almost made it to 8.5+/10 however Freezing happened to follow a somewhat inevitable trend with these types of anime which left me unsatisfied with the ending.

For those who want a brief summary of the synopsis... Its about a school for people who have Stigma inside their body which give them special powers to fight interdimensional beings known as Nova. The students who attend this school are separated into two different categories; Pandoras - Female's with the stigma who use offensive skills to take down their opponents and Limiters - Males with stigma who use AoE skills to trap enemies (freeze enemies) and un trap (un freeze) friends. The students learn to harness and advance their powers so they can later fight against Novas.

Don't get me wrong it gets a 7.7 (7.5 was taken =/ lol) because it has a great story. I was completely enthralled by it up until the last ep, since it includes both a semi romantic story line, GM (genetically modified) powers and the darker side to the GM girl animes which are usually happy and sunshine. Although that might be a bias assumption since most anime that incorporates romance and an actual pairing automaticaly gets a + to its rating (bonus points for more nsfw scenes if ya know wat i mean ;D). Although it was not just the lack of pairing, it was also the introduction of what I like to call a distraction character (characters that distract the main pairing) and it also seemed to borow a few things from evangelion, although i'm still not sure if thats a good or a bad thing. The darker parts of the anime were reminiscent to Madoka, even though Madoka was released after I happened to watch Madoka first, but this was a good thing for it because the darker elements gave a bit more depth to the anime. (I would also recomend watching Madoka, which i'll write a review for later)

I believe that the low score on this site is due to the fact that it is exxxtrrreeemmmeeelllyyy ecchi, which a lot of people dislike for some reason, which then leads to low ratings. This was probably another reason for Yosuga no Sora getting a low rating, well that and the incest. But anyways.. back to main topic; in battle your cloths don't just stay on you, perfectly unharmed.. Then again I don't think they come off as easy as some parts in Freezing, but hey i'm not complaining lol. Another good thing was the character development, which there was enough of to satisfy me a believed some parts to be really good (wont go too indepth becuase all char development is potential spoilers), unlike a lot of other animes which just seem to over look or expect you to already know the back story.

For fans of anime with some action, supernatural, gorey/bloody (which there is a lot), slight romance/drama, with a bit of a darker side to it, (oh and dont forget the ecchi) Freezing might be the anime for you and if the ecchi can be overlooked it really does have a good story and is as action packed as some shonen.

Let me know what you think, I didn't want to go too in depth in the story since a. you can easily find a synopsis and b. no spoilers lol.



7.7/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
7.7/10 characters
7.7/10 overall
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