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Ano hana will always be permanently lodged in my top 3 anime of all time ~ <3

(in my list's clannad after stroy, spice and wolf, code geass r2, means all of the seasons i just prefered that season in particular)
Hmmm... Bio... Where to start?

Well i might start off that I am a high school student. I love to watch anime when ever i can. Weekdays, weekend, in between and during study. The genres that I love to watch are...

Other things I like besides anime..

Well besides anime (and yes there are other things besides anime) are..

I hate rating thigs low so this is my weird rating system (Shortened)

Note. Just because they are rated by me doesn't mean they are the best or the worst. Its just my opinion. Also if your browsing through anime and see that one is 3 stars give or take a few. Doesn't mean they are bad. It can be that low either because not enough people have rated it or because too many people have rated it so many crazy and various things that the rating gets mixed up.

Top 10... errr 12 no 13 no 14 screw that 20  FTW!!

Not in any particular order really I just couldn't decide


Too long a list just look at everything rated 4 stars+ lol

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chii Apr 1, 2011

AND it's #21 in my top 100 :D

taigadaisuki Mar 12, 2011

add me this is my new account

NoCheerios Dec 20, 2010

"Yosuga no Sora - Drama, Romance, SC and Ecchiness with a awesome story, seriously wmdyn?"

LOL nice ;D

xxSilencexx Mar 30, 2010

"It's Salty Yet Sweet""eat it before it melts... got it memorised!"

XD nice avatar

Kari5 Mar 29, 2010

Thanks for your submission to the database, but it'll be denied. The picture you provided was way too small. To fit the box in the character page, it needs to be 130x180 pixels in size. Also, it must be a picture taken from the manga, not a video game. The description explains the past of Roxas, but not his personality. Descriptions should focus on on the character himself, not plot points. 

Thanks again. Please re-submit the character if you wish. You don't have to include a photo or description of you don't want to.