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I'm not sure I even can rec this because it was so extremely wtf... but here is my reactions in an e-mail to dear nimmy. I'm not even going to edit this - cause I'm lazy... enjoy my craziness!

This e-mail hereby chronicles my reactions and thoughts of Banana Bread no Pudding... as I read it - You shall be sorry you ever mentioned this idea!

okay i thought the synopsis was weird... this chapter heading - Part 1: Before I become instant coffee... yum? LOL

you can call me irritated ira hahaha wtf LOL I seriously thought the translater might be fucking with me but LOLOLOL is she irrated because she's in love with her sister's fiancee oh wait its cause her sister wont go to the toliet with her anymore (remembered the synopsis) hahaha

long lost childhood friend - ooh she mentioned she had a brother, i hope he's hot!

on another note... really crazy party outside!

her perfect man: a gay man with a guilty conscience LOLOLOLOL i love you for telling me about this. I love how her parents want to lock her up, man i'm lucky my mum doesn't want to lock me up with my crazy imagination, poor girl - i have feels for her.

so the brother... is not hot :'( but they have their sexy first date at hopscotch lolol no wonder I'm single, clearly i just have to ask guys if they would like to play hopscotch to lure them in.. haha

poor guy totally thought 'hopscotch' was an euphemism lolol

wow ladies, if she beats him he'll marry her... if you want to get married quick go play hopscotch and lure in the fellas. Poor guy has no idea she's being serious... leg shackling awaits you poor sucker!

hahaha she won and she thinks he's GAY hahahahaha being gay is aweome but she's in for a rude awakening when he totally tries to 'consumate' their marriage... if they get married.

What suddenly she's a rose whisperer... poor lonely rose bushes scratching at her window... just wanted her to go out in the freezing cold and sit with them... totally understandable! i'll be so pissed if they lock her up at the end of this, if she gets locked up - i have no hope! lol cause she understands the roses she thinks she can understand everyone, poor thing - people are not plants! he wants in your pants nothing else!

hahahahahaha so glad her sister took pity on him and told him before he's forced to get hitched. 'You have to marry her bro, or she'll be hospital-bound' LOLOLOL

so listening to your husband worries sounds normal... singing him a lullaby and saying good boy sounds like a weird fantasy, men are children... but still!

aahahahaha getting a real gay guy to act as his boyfriend LOL haha please come and do what you want here, i shall act as your curtain haha thats kind of sweet yet pervy LOL

awww his fake boyfriend got bashed by his real one and now he got another dude to help be his other lover, and his professor was so surprised, bet he's in love with him too. but now he wanted to be a good husband to help her not be committed lol.

and okay he's kind of hot when he hasn't got his hair tied up.

putting on make-up is far more indecent than nudity... damn it i'm a ho.

wow Touge - the husband really attracts a lot of guys, the professor is totally stalking him! hmm or maybe his fake boyfriends boyfriend is the professor haha. AAHAHA Okay i was right LOL.

oooh busted, she found out! stupid parents saying why couldn't she be more like her sister... she's awesome!

hhaaahaha this is so awesome and confusing, the sister dressed up as the brother to get the fake boyfriend hahahaa

okay i take it back Ira-chan isn't awesome she's fucking stupid now shes going to live with the stupid professor to help him hide his gayness.... just make out with touge already you stupid bitch.

damn evil monster ate her in her dreams... now she's an evil monster.. maybe she'll eat Touge haha

wow now killing people to blowfish to making their graves, sounds like me... haha not really

WTF some random dude told the sister she wants to become one with her brother... what what what. that dude has super creepy eyes

woow the professor is trying to kill her, bet she'll kill him. shit she stabbed him... lol apparently it was just a scratch.

I don't know when I'll come at this man with blade, but I'll stay here. WTF AHHAAHHAHA seriously wtf they didn't even kiss... so dissatisfied! but it was pretty epic!

10/10 story
2/10 art
10/10 characters
5/10 overall
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