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No. 6

Okay. I have to say it - this is one of the best anime I've seen. Really. I liked everything about it. & it's the first time I cried so much over an anime. 


I really liked the story. Very much. I don't know, it seemed quite unique for me. To be honest, all the "wall" thing kind of reminded me of SnK (lel), but I really found it new & unique to watch. It looked kind of peacefull at first, but then it became full of action, especially to the very end.


 I have no complains about animation. Everything looked beautiful & detailed enough, nothing more to say here.


Can't really add anything here as well. Noone's voices seemed odd, the music was beautiful, I really liked the opening song, too.


Loved them. Simply loved them.  I loved Nezumi, who had a hard life, a kind of difficult, strong, cold personality. & I also loved Sion, who looked a bit... weird for me, but he's just such a warm person, even capable of changing other people. The other characters were not very eyecatching for me, they were good, but nothing really special I could say about them.


Since I loved everything about it, ofc I will be giving it 10/10. Like I mentioned before, it really is one of the best anime I've ever seen. I also liked that strong, loving relationship between the main characters & the fact that they're both males didn't bothered me at all.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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