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I wrote this because I want to be among the users with bio and avatar.

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What?! No anime ratings?

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VivisQueen Nov 19, 2010

Come back and write one or two user reviews please. I need to know if you're as good a writer as your recommendations say you are. Do it as a favour. :)

Sheex Feb 3, 2008

Maybe so, but Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed are undoubtedly the franchise's most popular installments aside from the original Mobile Suit Gundam, and they certainly hold my statement true.  Even if G-Gundam falls under a "super robot show," I still consider it a part of the Gundam legacy as well.  I really don't think it's fair to pick out the original Gundam series (which was made many, many years ago) as somehow the only relevant series in regards to my statement, as the Gundam franchise entails not only it but all its offshoots as well, regardless of direct or indirect relation.  Personally I didn't much care for the original Mobile Suit Gundam, and haven't really haven't gone out of my way to see any of the related Gundam 0080/0083/etc series.  However, for each of the three series you mentioned, I would say that my premise is justified.

I can't say I recall too many specifics about the original Gundam, as it's been many, many years since I last watched it, but my reverence for 08th MS Team comes from its portrayal of the qualities that you mentioned.  Thus far, for me, 08th MS Team is the only Gundam that has passed that "exemplary" mark in terms of quality, and for that I hold it in very high regard.

sothis Jan 17, 2008

Don't suppose you've seen Yes Pretty Cure 5? ;) (haha, look at me! Always on the look out for new entries o_o)

Sheex Jan 9, 2008

Captain Tsubasa, Captain Herlock, bleh!  Too many "Captain" anime series haha - my mistake.  I'll look into it, though; thanks for the reference!

Sheex Jan 5, 2008

Perhaps it would be wrong to say I didn't understand it, as it was more along the lines I didn't pull much out of the references.  The "yikes" came from your ability to not only use so many references but use them very effectively and efficiently - I'm quite impressed.  Still, due to my lack of knowledge of the source material, it made it seem as if I were missing something while reading, and that was all I was saying.  Oh, before I forget to mention it, the specific rec was your Captain Tsubasa --> Lain, if I remember correctly.

My only concern would be that most people on the site don't have the literary sophistication to understand your recs, as even being (by my own standards, at least) fairly well-versed when it comes to understanding language, it was a relatively difficult read.  I certainly enjoyed reading it, though, if for nothing more than appreciation of your writing style, so I'd say that's reason enough to keep submitting them; there's certainly nothing wrong with writing to a select audience.

Out of curiosity, how far have you pursued literature in your educational career?  I'm getting the impression you're a professor for some reason, perhaps not in English but in a field that requires a mastery of the language, but I could be totally wrong.  Your writing is very detailed and complex but flows very smoothly, which is why I ask.