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Bio time! I usually postpone writing a profile as it is never easy to provide a relevant description of one's self, to be an object and a subject at the same time can be a somewhat disorienting experience.

I am a literature student and fairly new to anime. My experience is rather limited but I am working to change that and to learn as much as possible. I have a rather nagging tendency to over think issues and I greatly enjoy studying any particular subject that catches my attention. Apart from being something of a book worm I am also a wannabe singer, having had classical singing lessons for a few years.

I am currently in the process of writing a novel that will probably never see the light of day. Either way, writing is immensely rewarding and I could not quite cope without it. I will probably get around to writing anime reviews in a near future, it is but a matter of getting the hang of crafting a minimally professional critique in that particular area.

I suppose I have a weird side to me as I collect bunny items (one of my pets happens to be a rather wild rabbit. Not fuzzy and nice as these animals are usually perceived, my bunny, Helvete, will happilly kick people she dislikes and is at her happiest when hopping away from human contact) and have a rather extravagant taste in clothes (it is akin to Misa's from Death Note). I tend to be shy but am friendly when approached.

Lest I end up rambling I shall conclude this description by saying that I am happy to be a part of this site, where some users are willing to provide such detailed and accurate recommendations, it truly is a wealth of information worth checking out.

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apursansar Jan 22, 2009

Hello Ana, I´m passing by to give you a couple of weblinks which my brother sent me that may help you with your Japanese studies:

1. searching kanjis:

2. Kanji to hiragana-converter:

3. pronunciation:

4. Kanji - furigana:

5. furigana-machine:

6. vocabulary with images:

7. Diccionary by Yahoo! Japan mit Beispielsätzen. : 国語 (kokugo: [Japanese-Japanese]) 類語 - 英和 (eiwa: English-Japanisch) - 和英 (waei: Japanese-English) and すべての辞書 (subete no jisho: all)

8. List of Kanjis (1945 Jouyou-Kanji):>

9. eplanation of japanese expressions:

 10. interpretation of kanjis:>

youkais Dec 26, 2008

I got here because I was reading about Tactics and see that you have done so many recomendations there.

Well, when I was reading your bio... I got the feeling I have read about you on AnimePapers... I don't know if you even know who I am. But well, I was only guessing.

Anyway, I see that you like to read. I like it too, but right now I am a bit lazy... and don't get the will to sit down and read something.

Ah! Happy belated Xmas!

apursansar Dec 3, 2008

Hi Ana, it´s nice to hear from you again, I just returned from a night of playing chess with a friend and saw that you left me a message. Don´t worry about the delay since our communication was interrupted due to maintainance of the page, and for some time one couldn´t even access it. I justed checked out the Taschen page who even list a 600 pages Bergman archive, maybe one day I will buy it. I would of course be happy if you´d find the time to send me that essay since I´m very interested in his conception of art. The writing challenge seems a fascinating opportunity to me, it certainly means forcing ones creativity a lot, but since you had already been working a long time on your novel about the genius  in England I´m sure that you could develop something great. Please let me know in case that there will be any chance to read the result of your work. I don´t know if I told you about it, but my brother also studies Japanese and already speaks it fluidly, the next time I can send you a couple of links to the internet sites he uses, especially to learn Kanjis, which is of course the most difficult part. I will also let you know about my current work and a couple of video montages of Tarkovsky and other directors that I will soon post on youtube. Hasta luego, Marc

apursansar Oct 6, 2008

Hello Ana, I´m just returning to anime-planet after a rather long absence, and thought that I might just write you a message. I hope you already made advance with your intent to study in the United States, it would be really great if you could go to Harvard or Yale, I think the whole atmosphere while studying at one of those universities must be impressive. I absolutely agree that one has to broaden his perspective thinking as an artist, so literary theory would rather be a constant activity for those who don´t primarily intent to make it as a writer. I´m actually seeing a lot of those BBC-series like "How art made the world", but I equally dislike all the theoretical writing about something which should primarily be based on feelings and sensations of some kind of beauty. A week ago I was seeing a Portuguese movie in the Argentine cinemateque which was one of the purest distillations of this beauty I´ve seen so far, a truly wonderful adaptation of the Madame Bovary-story by Manoel de Oliveira called "Vale Abraao". I would really recommend you to see it if you haven´t already, it´s maybe one of the most perfect transitions between literature and film ever made. I wish you good luck with your writing career and would be happy to hear from you again. Marc

Sakana Jul 23, 2008

I will keep an eye out for that. I just hope they make the fight between the red eva and shinji's eva more awsome.