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Hi I'm a 22 Year old ex-plumber and aspiring biomedical enginering student,who is about to travel to Eroupe and Japan in May. I keep busy watching animes and mountian Biking or just studying for the fun of it, (I KNOW IM WEIRD). Have too say im an anime addict and as we all know there is no know cure for it to date :).

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Aurura says...

Hi there, nice t'meet ya.  I'm new here.  Sorta... And I'm weird, too.  :P

Just wanted to drop a line, say 'hello'.

And yes. Code Geass ROCKS.  I noticed  you don't have R2 on your list.  Can I ask why?

Take Care~!   *waves*

Sep 5, 2011
HikaruTenshi says...

Happy Holidays! ^_^


Dec 23, 2010
sorcerer101 says...

Really? lol, yea i know, i also want more episodes of the show. It's so funny on how Mori-sempai was carrying Haruhi!^^

Sep 5, 2009
HikaruTenshi says...

You are very welcome.

Thanks for trying to find them. ^_^


Sep 2, 2009
sorcerer101 says...

Wahh! I luv Ouran high school host club! I watched it 2 times in fact! My fav episode was  the one when Honey-sempai got lost, in the glasses guy swimmin gpool. i think it's called o.o

Aug 31, 2009