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Story - The story was okay. Not bad but not real good. Another harem but more serious then most meaning it didn't have a bunch of girls chasing after one guy so it felt fresh. It took awhile for each girls to develop feelings for our male protaganist. I was happy with the pace the show went at. I would like a second season even though it has ended. But I would like to see a little more of just the characters hanging out. So it was just an okay story. Worth the watch if you want a more realistic harem. I don't usually root for the girl that was picked in the end but I thought she was the best choice overall.

Animation - It's one of the newest anime out so you would expect it to be animated well. I didn't find anything wrong with the animation so I'll just give it a good score.

Sound - Not to memerable. I honestly don't remember how the opening or endings went or remember anything from the soundtrack. So I can't say much about that. Other then that the voice actors did well. Even though their wasn't any emotion in the anime the actors did their job.

Characters - The only thing that probably would have made me drop this is the characters. They weren't to exciting. The main character was your typical nice guy who won't try to one up anyone or break anyones heart and was a good brother. So nothing new here. His brother was kind of cool... and yeah he was a little cute. I usually don't mind all the stereotypical characters in these cases but five of the girls were just kind of boring. I thought I would like Hina and Madoka but they didn't have much of their own personality. Ibuki grew on me towards the end and became likable but thats it. Other then that they were all kind of boring.The only character I ende up really liking was Ui. She had a cute personality and I watched the show just for her. I liked her even more when she realized she had feelings for Kazuma and acted more nervous because of it. She isn't in my top characters ever, but she definitly stands out in the crowd. I didn't dislike the rest of the cast, I just wasn't to excited to see what they would do next or wondered what they could add the the story. They were just... there...

8/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.2/10 overall
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