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I am NoLifeKing. Istarted watching anime during the summer of 2005, Estimated total of animes seen is around 500+, i often find myself watching dubbeds for some anime, like the following videos.

but for the most part i watch subbeds.


Youtube Channel: IamFreakinAfro or http://www.youtube.com/user/IamFreakinAfro

Newest Video: 12/4/11, My 5 Top badass Anime Characters Of all time,  Redone for requests.

New video: on 8/28/2011, A Tribute to How EPIC Alucard is.

Took me 4-6 hours to make this video. so please take a look. thank you.



the key to Immortality and everlasting youth is not so far fetched that you think.


it is the building block of immortal beings, and such, so laugh all you can!


Alucard Knows what's up!



Seto no hanayome....

Randomness is dangerous.


Animes that i havent seen, because i was scared i'd lose myself in them:

Gintama, Obviously.


feel like robberin' a bank? here's your motivation.

feel like blowing up stuff and gettin' away easy? here's your pass.

you feel like shit right now? here's your coffee.

feelin' like a space cowboy yet? you should be.

feel like Wrecking stuff? Go join the vikings.

Feel like Trollin'? go to hell.

Feelin' Like a BOSS? Hell yah's you are.

Are you The TOP Shit now? no, you aren't, that's Spike. Sorry try again in like, 5 billion years.


Xbox Live Gamertag: AndrewMHeinrich


Google Plus:Heinrich King

comment if you want an invite. Remember you have to be 18+ to be allowed in.

150 invites left. get em' while they're hot!



FB: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002790483709


Skype Name: nolifeking69


Wii Console Number: 2449 5048 2229 9327



Other stuff soon to come..etc

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AkaiIka13 avatar AkaiIka13


Nov 22, 2012

Yeah, but considering how the history is going I think it´s going to pass the 650.

And think that´s going to end in Luffy giving his hat to a kid that wants to be King of Pirates (it was realy not me who said that it was my brother) personaly I thought that was going to end in Luffy being executed in the same place Roger was with all his crew watching.

AkaiIka13 avatar AkaiIka13

You Rock!

Nov 14, 2012

Great video! Good music and good fragments of Hellsing.

How do you think One Piece will end?

AkaiIka13 avatar AkaiIka13

Great Anime List!

Nov 14, 2012

I know that Hellsing is cool, but what´s so special 'bout Beelzbub?

ItsumoHitori avatar ItsumoHitori

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Oct 6, 2011

**^^^ Change to Cool Hated Characters List


whoop whoop!

Speedypancake avatar Speedypancake

Thanks! ^_^

Aug 29, 2011

Oh man ! Awesome song ! Thank you.

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