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Jan 2, 2011

This is about a dude named Ryuuji who has "scary eyes" and is therefore believed to be a "delinquent" by the other people in his high school class. He then meets Taiga, or "The Palmtop Tiger", and after much one-sided kindness on Ryuuji's part they call a truce to help eachother get with their crushes. Much madness ensues :L

Story: (9/10)

Although the premise isn't the most original thing ever, it's done so well it deserves no lower than a 9. They worked with the character's real feelings and how they were hiding it really well, leaving you ever curious about what'll happen in the next episode. I would really give this subject a 10 if my personal preference would allow it, but the main character ended up with the wrong girl in my eyes, so...

Animation: (9/10)

The colors were vibrant and the framerate was as high as it needed to be. The backgrounds were detailed and the character designs were generally rather original, so there's no reason to avert your eyes.

Sound: (8/10)

The OP and ED themes were basic, love-oriented jpop songs. Suprisingly, they fit the bill quite well, so saying they were out of place would be inaccurate. The voice actors spoke with much enthusiasm and sorrow when it was needed, or to put it in a more basic way, they were freakin' sweet.

Characters: (9/10)

The characters were very well done. Ryuuji was an outwardly nice guy who still had a spine, which was definitely refreshing in my eyes. Taiga was pretty much a Tsundere character at its most basic, except she had much more of a cute side. The two initial love interests, Kitamura (of Taiga) and Minorin (of Ryuuji) had cheerful personalities, but they had their sadder sides as well.

The way the love relations worked was always interesting, therefore giving it a high score. I'd give it an even higher one had Ryuuji ended up with a different girl, but such is life :/

Overall: (9/10)

Overall it's a rather refreshing romance story with good humor incorporated as well. If romance isn't your thing I might still recommend it just because of its pure awesomeness. Although romance isn't my preferred genre, this show did it well, and I could appreciate that.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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yasmin09 Jan 7, 2011

I must say I agree with the fact that even though the premise sounded generic, the plot was executed so brilliantly that this turned out to be quite a refreshingly unique anime. I actually did like the coupling though. I thought it was sweet and well done. It makes sense that they ended up together.