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Yosuga no Sora

Dec 21, 2010

This show shouldn't exist. I can't really think of anyone who could like it(might be spoilers in the review, but I guess you shouldn't watch this show anyway).

Story: (2/10)

I can hardly say there's a story to speak of. It's about some guy and his twin sister who move to a small town after their parents died, where they went for summer when they were younger. There he meets old friends and... well... that's about it.

Really all that ends up happening is that he starts dating one, has sex with her for a while, then tosses her away without even breaking up for the next closest girl in his vicinity. What REALLY pissed me off though is that girls didn't even CARE.

Towards the end he gets in a slightly longer relationship with the girl he thought he loved, then just ends up having more sex with his sister. For ONCE the show decides to acknowledge that he ditched a girl, and she gets kind of disappointed(the ex I mean).

In the end him and his sister get caught playing horshoes by the front door, and they are shunned, at first. Not to get into too much detail, but after this comes an attempted suicide-drowning with no explanation pretaining to how they survived, and then his ex wishes him happiness.

Seriously, what the hell is up with all of the incest in anime?! I mean I'm glad for once in this show they acknowledge it as wrong, but Jesus H. Christ this show had so much unnecessary incest and such a pointless fuck-fest of a plot I can't rate it any higher than a 2/10.

Animation: (9/10)

I was hoping I could continue to rip on this show, but unfortunately the animation is done really well, and is above average even by 2010 standards. The colors are vibrants and the backgrounds beautiful and fitting. In reality, if this show had a decent morally backed plot, it would be fantastic with this animation.

Sound: (9/10)

The sound, like the animation, is also unfortunately very well done. With vibrant piano and violin peices, it's very fitting to the few non-perverted scenes in the show. The voice acting is also realistic, but unfortunately I really don't care how well you can say, "I love you" to like 7 seperate girls.

All in all, great music with well made OP and ED themes to boot.

Characters: (1.5/10)

The characters... oooooohhhh the characters... finally something to rip on :D

The characters in this show can vary in sensical emotions completely. Most of the girls are completely devoid of any logic whatsoever, but don't worry, their pleasure shouts and hissy-fits are perfectly in tact. The main character, Haru-something(I don't remember because most of the show he's referred to simply as Haru), is all around a pretty morally empty guy. Alhough he's no Makoto from School Days, he had no second thoughts about ditching one girl for another, then another, then another, then his SISTER for God's sake.

Although he doesn't feel it right to be with his sister(applaud, everyone), in the end he stays with her(nevermind, forget the applause) and forgets about his other hollow shells that he called "girlfriends"(well not totally, one was really just kind of a friend with benefits).

Overall: (1.5/10)

Although I hardly even consider this a show, I must refer to it as such for the sake of the review.

Anyway, although the animation and sound were good, no matter how many chocolate sprinkles you pile on top of dog crap, it's stil dog crap.

2/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
1.5/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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Sakiji May 15, 2011

Indeed, this review sucks.

Atleast try to understand something you're watching, and even reviewing it afterwards.


As already pointed out the series resets the different arcs - each being a little drama in itself. Noone tosses anyone away. ( Just the last arc starts at a certain progressed point of the previous Noa arc)

I do agree that these arcs ain't that great, though the show is basically mainly about the relationship between brother and sister - and that actually is a pretty tragic situation, and very real at that.


The characters aren't that hollow, the sibling love originates from their relationship as kids, as shown in a few scenes. Little kids often have incestous relationships if you may call it like that, usually it's a form of playing.

In this Anime the love for her brother persited within the female lead, being cut off from the society by always staying in hospitals etc she didn't "learn" of the morals you'd normally be thought when growing up.

Haru thought is brought up like most people were - thus resulting in inner conflict confronted with that relationship.


It's more of a Drama than anything else. And a more or less good one at that.


I don't know where your aversion for sex comes from, since you obviously like senseless perversion/ecchi, judging from your previous ratings, but in non Animated Media AND actually also the Real World sex is a rather normal occurance....

And incorporating it more into Animes is actually a rather nice thing, since they often deal with mature themes, but the japanese prudeness often abstracts rather important (for the overall credibility and quality of a story) things (sex) away.


lycanking20 Jan 17, 2011

agreed whit firemage and i personaly think a 6 or higher would be a lot better for this show

there is a good plot and romantic story its not like bleach or other shounen series or something like that

its not the best but it really deserves a lot more credit then its getting now

o well diffrent people i guess

StevenSAKUJO Dec 31, 2010

Haha it seems you missed the point completely but still the idea of anime based on a hentai game sounds boring anyway, why would hentai have a good plot line when it just has to be kinky (sounds like it is) so i'll steer clear

Xplayer Dec 29, 2010

If there's any merit to the omnibus format (which I have yet to see), this anime has come prety close to completely destroying it. I agree with you overall, but I'd give the sound and animation a bit lower scores. They weren't that great, maybe average at best, although I did really like the OP.