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School Days

Dec 4, 2010

Ok, before I start, I'd like to say 2 important things:

1: Although unintentional (well not really), you may learn more from this review than you'd like to if you haven't already watched this series.

2: The MAIN reason I created an account on this website was to express my disgust with this anime(especially the ending).

You have been warned.

Now, I'd just like to say that this anime was actually gripping, if anything. However, that doesn't make up for the fact that the latter half of the series destroys any chance of this being a satisfying experience.

Although the chracters and plot DO get you to actually CARE about them, that's the main reason why School Days is such a let-down. The first half of the series is actually rather well-done. However, the second half simply makes you want to jump into your computer and beat the living hell out of Makoto, the protagonist.

The writers of this series apparently had this inner monologue backing them throughout the entire process of creating this anime: "Let's make an anime that at first presents a promising premise, then completely f*** it over and distort everything. They'll LOVE it."

At the same time, everything but the actual plot was actually in decent order for this show. Although forgettable, the opening and closing themes weren't awful.

The voice acting was believable, and really got you to hope everything will work out all right and they'll all smile in the end. I reapeat, the downfall of this show.

It could've easily had a satisfying ending, but instead they went with the following(SPOILERS):

"Why don't we have the main character get one of the main heroines pregnant, and then completely lack any form of responsibility or morals and f*** the brains out of the crazy lady who'll eventually end up hugging his decapitated head on a yacht, after murdering the previously mentioned pregnant girl who was responsible for his death in the first place."

A masterpiece.

So this leads me to my final statement:


My final thoughts? I only give a hesitant recommendation to those who don't really mind an ending that will most likely disturb you and will essentially offer no closure(almost the exact opposite actually, it offers TOO MUCH CLOSURE). Otherwise, avoid this series, because it simply leaves the viewer with a sense of disturbance and abandonment.

My perspective is that since the end is just so pointless and just demolishes the story it had set up, there's no point in watching the rest of it. Thus, the 1.

I'm gonna guess the writers got their paycheck about halfway through the production of this series.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Siddyus Jul 25, 2011

This anime was totally ridiculous, but I did learn something... and im glad im the kind of guy I am right now. Stick to one. =)

EXTR3M3T3RR0R Apr 30, 2011

School Days is the ultimate troll anime out there. I lol'd hard at the ending. I know that probably makes me a bad person, but it was so unexpectedly horrible that I couldn't help busting out laughing.

furfeyl Apr 9, 2011

just cause it doesnt end all happy and fuzzy doesnt mean its not good, i loved this anime and the ending is what made the entire series, yes the characters might have acted a little bit unrealistic but they acted how their characters were developed, which was quite well done by the creators if you ask me

Arcanus07 Apr 5, 2011

Totally agree with this review since the moment i saw it was 1/10.

I saw the ending coming out bad and i got P off when the author said in the end, I hope you learned something from this story"...

I was like you should have put:

Well there you have it, i hope you got pi**ed off by the ending cause this anime is crap.