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One of my favorite anime's of all time, and I'm picky about what I like.

Spoiler free review

Story: 9/10

It's the story of a clueless, moronic, and irresponsible captain, the most rundown destroyer in the fleet, and it's crew of the most problematic members of the armed forces. It's silly, improbable, rediculess, and even more rediculess. It is NOT a serious show by any means, but is an excelent light watch as long as there arn't people around who will be bothered by fits of laughing. My only issue with the story is a few episodes (maybe 2?) are a bit angsty and while they work, they don't have the same mood as the rest of the series. 

Animation: 7/10

It was made in the mid 90's, and looks like it. Personally I don't consider that an issue, but take off 2 points if that bothers you. Other than that, the animation isn't bad, nothing spectacular for it's time, nothing terrible. You don't need to worry about your eyes bleeding or anything. 

Sound 10/10

First of all, I don't rate intro/closing music. Background music stays in the background, it isn't out of place, and it helps in many situations, but it isn't something I focus on unless it doesn't work. Voices are amazing. I would highly recommend the original japaneese woices which are great, but it also has one of the best english dubs I've heard, so choose whichever language you prefer. 

Characters 10/10

They're all well done, and all over the top. Crew development is well done, and bizzarely enough, the characters are actually fairly believeable. Once you get into the series and see the actual characters, it's hard not to me impressed by that. These charcters should not be believeable. Short term hostile leaders are devloped enough to get a feel for them, without wasting time. 

Overall 9.5/10

Overall, it's a well done and generally underated series. Knock off 2 points if you hate 90's animation, and up to 5 points if you don't like silly, as that's a stong part of it's appeal. I would also strongly suggest that if you like the series, you do not watch the OVA. 

-No One

9/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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