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Hello welcome to my profile.ive been watching anime since it trickled down here to the states from overseas back in the 90ies. I had the same starting point in anime as many other people watching dubed versions of shows like Dragonball,tekkanman (aka teknoman here in the states),and lastly...sailormoon which i got tired of after a while. Im somewhat keeping up with the current animes that are comeing out (depending if they suit my tastes or not). Im a fighting nut anime wise but i do tend to stray from that if the story is good or their is some form of eye catching material that interests me in other anime.


NinjaWolf aka in some places NecroFox

but enough of my mindless talking and remanising drop me a line if ya want to talk.

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OmegaWolfJ says...


Hello hun, thanks for showing me this site, very handy!

Jul 10, 2010