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MurrayThePirate says...

I have problems buying stuff online, being in tiny little New Zealand, but I occasionally buy a set where possible, though mainly I download it, so i have it all but can watch it at my liesure. Never really considered watching naruto, as 300+ episodes is huge! What anime do you own on DVD/Blu Ray?

Jul 25, 2010
MurrayThePirate says...

Ive been into anime... (not hardcore, just a show here and there) for about... Maybe 4 years now? First show was actually basilisk, as I found the manga at a local bookstore, then decided to watch the show.

How about you? Also, how do you get your anime? Buying it, streaming online, or downloading?

Jul 25, 2010
MurrayThePirate says...

Pandora Hearts is already on my to watch list, just not on here XD

Bought Black Blood Brothers at an anime convention a couple of months ago, have Fruits Basket, and finished ouran this morning =P

And thanks for the mention of 4kids, I know how badly they mutilated CCS!

Neat that we have a few shows in common then! ^^

Jun 29, 2010
MurrayThePirate says...

Funny thing, my first login in months, and I get a comment from you =P

Thats a tad outdated though, I can typically find torrents for anything I want now. Any anime recommendations though? =)

Jun 21, 2010
sothis says...

just wanted to say thanks for helping verify the tags on the Saiyuki chars! anything in 'help needed' always needs community verification, so i appreciate your help in moving those along.

May 10, 2010