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turtleduck Nov 30, 2011

Hi came across your profile and saw that your a yaoi fan!! I saw your avatar and I was like this person has to be a yaoi fan and then you are so just wanted to day hi.

JapanFreak Oct 26, 2011

I dont have a fanfiction account

JapanFreak Oct 23, 2011

nice quotes on fanfiction...

nice to meet you

dutchshadow666 Sep 13, 2011

i say youre reaction on Malcolm C. LEVERIER and i had exactly the same thing,


MurrayThePirate Jul 29, 2011

Hey, sorry,  tried to reply a while ago, but it wouldn't let me, and then i forgot.

The earthquake was north of me fortunately, but some of my friends were up there and ended up leaving for a couple of weeks due to university closure. Really had the whole country a bit on edge. I've visited since, and parts of the place are a real mess. :(

Fortunately, everyone I know was kept safe :D