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Rightstuf is Ruining My Life

11 DEC

This blog can also go by the name of, "Thanks Patches -_-" because he's responsible for my current predicament.

If you're not familiar with the website rightstuf... then turn away now, because you still have a chance. If you are then you know how dangerous this site can be. Especially with their 12 days of Christmas sale currently going on. I normally avoid the site like the plague, because I have $0. I am unable however to pass up clicking a link to the site and as a result I have been checking in every day to see the new items that have gone on sale. Most have thankfully not been shows I would want to own, but there are enough shows on the list that I DO want to make things troublesome.

First I was sure I would just buy Fumoffu since it was so cheap. It's not part of the sale, but it's a great price. But then I saw the awesome Doujin Work deal... and Eden of the East.... FMP... Mushishi and N A N A! After much angsting it's been decided I can get two things. Which is almost as bad as getting nothing, because how will I ever decide? In light of the newer deals I gave up on Fumoffu and a few other shows. It was down to Mushishi and/or NANA. Then yesterday in IRC I was complaining how Honey & Clover never goes on sale, because it's new or some other such reason. Then today.... I check rightstuf again even though the new deals were supposed to have stopped and what do I find??? Honey & Clover is on SALE! YES! Wait... noooooo this is getting even harder! (Yes, that's what she said.) Also Fumoffu is even cheaper now so it's back in the running. Also I just remembered Hetalia is on sale too. @*!$%&* >.<

Final thoughts: Santa hates me. Also Patches probably does too. I have until midnight on the 13th to decide. God help me.


ThePatches avatar ThePatches
Dec 11, 2010

I do not hate you. I love you. Showing you rightstuf was a sign of love. LOVE.

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