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Underrated Anime

31 OCT

3x3 Eyes: If more people didn't have a prejudice against 'old' animation then it would be easier to convince them to watch old (awesome) shows lik... read more

Overrated Anime I've Seen

22 OCT

I had wanted to make a custom list for this, but it seems I already have the maximum 5 lists already made and I didn't want to delete one so here it i... read more

Daughter of Twenty Faces

17 DEC

The initial thing that sparked my interest in this show was the title reminding me of an awesome movie called The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, but that's n... read more

More Surprise Win

13 AUG

Doujin Work: This one I streamed on a whim when I didn't have anything else to watch. I wasn't expecting much and it was a short show with short episo... read more

Surprise Win

12 AUG

When I start up a new show I almost always have preconceptions about it. Usually it's something as simple as whether I think I'll like the show or n... read more