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Surprise Win

12 AUG

When I start up a new show I almost always have preconceptions about it. Usually it's something as simple as whether I think I'll like the show or not and other times I'm influenced by what I've heard about the show beforehand. (A result of being in #ISSUP all the time.) Every once in a while though I watch a show and by the end of it have an entirely different attitude than I started with. Most of the time I end up liking the show less than I thought I would. However, on occasion there is a show I end up loving. I call these 'surprise wins'.

Loveless: This one has to be the ultimate surprise win for me. If you've read my old profile bio you already know this. Hands down, this show is what got me into anime. I watched Sailor Moon when I was little and My Neighbor Totoro, but that was it. In all honesty I thought badly of anime once I grew out of those shows. On some bizarre whim I downloaded Loveless after seeing it mentioned online somewhere. After watching the first two episodes I stalled and forgot about it for a few months. I stumbled across it again one night and decided to give it another try. I was enthralled. The animation style was dreamlike and the whimsical music went with it flawlessly. I actually was compelled to pick up the manga after I finished the show and I'm still following it now

3 x 3 Eyes: I heard a lot of good stuff about this show, but forgive me, I was very put off by the old animation. I've since learned my lesson and don't mind the style of older shows. I don't think any show captured my attention so fully, as quickly, as this one did. There was blood and it wasn't all from the bad guy. Actually, Yakumo got his butt kicked all the time and most of it was his. I loved that. There were a lot of other unique aspects to this show, but rather than spoil it for anyone I'd just suggest people check it out themselves.

Great Teacher Onizuka: Another show with older animation that I ended up loving. This one I really didn't want to watch. Not only do I avoid ecchi shows, but the plot didn't interest me. I thought I'd had enough about teachers turning a class of problem students around. Seems I was wrong again. I'm very grateful to the friend that kept insisting and insisting and even had her husband insist I watch it. Just as Onizuka grew on me, so did each of his students that I started off hating. Unintentionally or intentionally, Onizuka worked on them until their background story and motivations were revealed and I couldn't help but sympathize with most of them. Not to mention the many times his antics had me burst out laughing. This is the kind of ecchi I approve of completely.

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Freakeris avatar Freakeris
Mar 4, 2010

For me it wasn't surprise win, because it was one of the first anime i watched on pc (my friend suggested to check this one) and i love it and now i have watched quite much anime's, but i don't find awesome like this one. And i completely agre with u.

chii avatar chii
Aug 12, 2009

chii approves of this awesome blog

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