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Overrated Anime I've Seen

22 OCT

I had wanted to make a custom list for this, but it seems I already have the maximum 5 lists already made and I didn't want to delete one so here it is in blog form!

::In no particular order::

Azumanga Daioh: The hype for this one actually convinced me to buy the show before I ever saw a single episode. I'm not likely to make that mistake again. Now there were a couple hilarious scenes, but the overall show I found to be more average than the laugh fest everyone insists on it being. Good thing I got the boxset for less than $10.

K-On!: Oh K-On... whenever you are mentioned I cringe and immediately start ignoring the conversation. How did you go so wrong? I love slice of life shows with cute animation and comedy... oh wait I know what ruined you for me! All the humping you receive from your (questionably intentioned) fans. And I mean constant humping. This is one of the shows that I probably would have 'liked' if I didn't have to deal with the humpers.

Akira: Just... weird. And not good weird either. I don't really know why so many people love this show, but my best guess is that it was the first anime for a lot of people and we all hold our first show to a lower standard.

Black Lagoon: Not exactly a bad show. I gave it a decent rating and I even liked the second season, but I just can't help but think most of the fans are fans of a certain pair of short shorts rather than the actual show.

Elfen Lied: Almost bought this one before seeing it as well. Ebay is a dangerous place. Anyway... this show definitely deserves to be as talked about as it is since it does live up to the hype of being a total gore fest/depressing mess. I just don't know why people like it. All I got out of it was some crying, disgust, and feeling depressed afterward.

GANTZ: Everything I said about Elfen Lied? x 1,000! Only difference is where I disliked most of the Elfen Lied characters, I passionately *hate* almost all the GANTZ cast. The only good thing that comes out of watching shows like this is that I have a better sense of good/bad when going to rate something. This show is tied with Rosario + Vampire for my most hated anime ever.

Eureka Seven: Eureka Seven could have been at least twice as good if it were half as long. I'm a bit bitter about this series since when I watched it on my ipod I had no other real anime at the time so I forced myself to finish it despite being bored for the first half of the series. The last half seemed to come out of nowhere, but at least it was entertaining.

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: One of the first shows I heard about when I discovered anime, but I didn't get around to it until rather recently. I knew I wouldn't like it, but like many other shows I heard about when I first discovered anime I felt obligated to watch it to see what the fuss was about. Nothing, was the answer I found. The only thing this show might have going for it is it's realistic compared to the majority of other anime. That however doesn't make me like it for no other reason.

Lucky Star: (I'm sorry, Patches.) This is probably my best rated show on this list, because I did geniunely enjoy it. (Just don't get me started on the horrid Lucky Channel segments.) It's only on the list, because virtually everyone gushes over it. Although, I prefer it to K-On humping.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Interesting premise, but the characters fall short. I liked this show as I watched it. Then afterwards when I had a chance to actually think about it I realized I don't like it as much as I thought I did. Haruhi is just too spoiled and selfish for me to like a show with her as the main character. The humpage she receives is on par with K-On!

Shakugan no Shana (and all the related crapola): In desperation for anime and during a time when I could only watch it on my ipod, I found SnS and SnS II. It was in ipod format and since my crappy computer at the time couldn't play shows or even convert them I couldn't be picky. In no other circumstance would I have watched both seasons. Especially, when the second season was pretty much the first season all over again. 48 episodes and next to no character development. Shana and her annoying maid are two of my most hated characters.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: What to say about the most popular anime ever? I'm not going to complain about the ending like most people. My issue isn't so much with the show being overrated rather my issue is with the characters. I didn't like a single one of them. So, maybe it shouldn't be on this list, but I don't plan on making an overrated characters list so I fit it in here.

Trinity Blood: Another show I watched on the ipod. I'm seriously disappointed with vampire anime in general, but this one was such a snoozefest that I can't give any real details to why I disliked it so much. I would actually pause episodes to do homework, because it was more interesting.

Victorian Romance Emma: Another snoozefest that I don't have much to say about. I stopped caring whether the characters ended up together or not- I just wanted it to be over.

Welcome to the NHK!: If I went into this show knowing more about it I might have liked it, but I went in thinking it was mostly a comedy. I don't know why I didn't pay more attention to the tags/description. Oh well. There were some funny parts, sure, but overrall I found it to be depressing on several different levels. How can a show about failure in its many different forms be loved by so many? I'd think the people that can't relate to the show would find it depressing and the people that *can* relate would want to watch something else because they don't need the reminder, no? I don't regret picking up this show since I did get something out of it, but I don't understand how it can be a favorite of so many.


khorne11 avatar khorne11
Oct 11, 2013

I'm almost certain that the characters in neon genesis and gantz are not supposed to be liked, those 2 shows are supposed to get under your skin and draw out emotions shows normally wouldn't (Neon genesis obviously doing a better job) by adding protagonists that you feel strongly, in a negative sense, for, they are both very experimental and (in my opinion) fascinating. I love neon genesis, and can't say I hate Gantz, but I understand why it's not everyone's cup of tea.

apocanagic avatar apocanagic
Oct 9, 2011

No Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Death Note, DBZ or To Love-Ru on the list? Then I don't understand what you mean by overrated.

Bad thing about the animes  I watched that are on this list is that they are overrated and watched by everyone, not just people who actually like that kind of thing. They wouldn't be bad if only right amount of people watched it. I understand what you were feeling as you made this list. It is annoying that so many people watch the same thing just because others do. The animes I listed on top of this comment are not bad either but they just don't deserve so many fans. Some people just like watching and liking stuff for no reason and dropping the value of things they watch.

Haruhi and Lucky Star were not bad, I could suggest them to anyone without hesitating, but obviously they don't deserve THAT much attention. Why do we have only 4 theme options in this site and why is Haruhi one? It is not that the other 2 themes deserve to be there or anything. That is annoying.

I liked Shakugan no Shana though. I had very few expectations before watching but in the end it became one of my favourites. Story was genius at times, just compare it to other animes to understand.

I suggest To Love-Ru to you, if you want to see how bad an anime can be that is. I only watched it because I was seeing it everywhere, but it kept getting worse and worse with every episode. Although you watched a lot more anime than me so you may possibly know worse.


LinkSword avatar LinkSword
Dec 10, 2010

What's wrong with depressing stuff? That's much better than not caring at all. At least, it is for me.

I usually just snore or yawn at poor attempts of melodrama in nearly every series I watch, so things like Elfen Lied that make me care for what I'm watching and its characters definitely earns a very good mark in my book. Not that Elfen Lied is especially witty or well thought, but it manages to move me deeply, and sometimes that's more than enough.

Well, I didn't intend to write this after reading your thoughts on Elfen Lied since I understand it's an anime with many unappealing factors for some people, but I definitely had to when taking a look at your opinion of NHK. The main reason why I loved it so much was precisely the ''depressing'' stuff, like those related to suicide. It's not that I relate to it, but I can really appreciate what was done there. And besides that, yeah, the comedy was sidesplitting. A perfect blend of comedy and drama in my opinion, along with social criticism and other virtues.

As for Gantz... I guess it is indeed an anime you have to approach very open-mindedly.


I do agree with your rants for series like K-On! or Evangelion, though.

MrOrbotron avatar MrOrbotron
Nov 15, 2010

AKIRA is largly the Gravity's Rainbow of anime. That or F.L.C.L.. There is alot of crytic stuff, and it lets you draw your own conclusions or not on alot of it. Also, the motorbike ridding clowns were just cool, but I have a thing for Gleemen.

I think it's good, but not great, contrary to the fact that I have it on V.H.S. in English and Japaneese. That's just because I really like V.H.S. tapes and it cost like, three dollars, why not buy the other language?


From what I've heard Elfen Leid is just gore porn with some psudo-psyche sprinkled on top, though, as I have not seen it, I may not judge.

lanaa avatar lanaa
Nov 12, 2010

I haven't seen most of the anime listed here, but i'll agree with what you say about K-On! haha (:

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