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If Only All Ganguros Knew How to Use a Sword

11 AUG

I have a theory.

And like most of my theories it isn't so much a theory as it is just a fleeting thought that I start to justify with random facts. This time though I think I have a somewhat solid argument on my hands.

Zoro from One Piece is a ganguro.

Yes, I said it. He has the unnatural tan thing going on. Neon hair. Earrings. (not sure if that supports the theory or not, but am just throwing it in) He also undoubtedly has the attitude and he looks like he knows how to party. If he could find the party that is. And granted he doesn't fall asleep against the wall somewhere.

Anyway, I don't see how anyone can argue these facts, but do feel free to try. I'm interested in any opposition.

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Sunagan avatar Sunagan
Aug 20, 2010

aaargh you're defiling Zoro's sexiness xD lol!

Nomadichu avatar Nomadichu
Aug 12, 2010

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha im going to come up with a theory on SANJI lol

Zoro = smexy looooove <3

Nomad ~ out!

m1k3209 avatar m1k3209
Aug 11, 2010


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