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My name is Robert. However, I would prefer if you refered to me as Nightdragon until I state otherwise. I am not an anime otaku but I am an anime fan. I don't watch anime all the time, but I do when time allows or when I just wish to. I am a video game fan aswell. I enjoy playing anime video games, as it combines the two things I love most.

Here are some other interesting facts about myself...

> I have attempted to run over 15 forums (seperately) and all have failed. (which explains why I have such respect for Sothis... for she has created a SUCCESSFUL masterpiece!)

> Despite my intellegence, I do poorly in school

> Anime is the SECOND thing I live for, My friends and loved ones come before anything and everything else

> I WILL not watch an anime if the main character does not have decent character development

> I DO like flash-backs, however I DETEST a constant amount of fillers. *cough*Bleach*cough*

> I do my own graphics, and I have been doing graphics since the age of 8.

> My favorite bands are Rammstein, Linkin Park, Dragonforce, Nightwish, Killswitch Engage, Lorenna McKennitt, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Disturbed.

> I do not normally publicly judge someone unless I am certain that my thoughts and judgements are proven correct. (Everyone judges people in their head instantly, its impossible not to)

> I am strong in my opinions, however I am always open to be corrected.

> I am very open-minded and I love to help people with problems, be it mental, social, academical, or any other possible way. If I can help, I WILL help.

More to come later...

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Lolo Nov 4, 2007

> I DO like flash-backs, however I DETEST a constant amount of fillers. *cough*Bleach*cough*

Amen brother I don't think I will ever finish watching Bleach I just can't take it *_*...Inuyasha is another one that makes me shudder 

BTW Hello!! How ya doing? Saw ya creeping around the forum so I thought I would drop by :) Have a lovely evening! - the marvelous captain lolo

  Squishy transmission was caught in drive

Spider man was squinting at the sand in the sky

Spider woman in the front seat, screamin' "Go, Go, Go," He's ridin' the accelerator down to the floor with his fuzzy little toe Little blue dune buggy

wolfangel87 Nov 4, 2007

I am lovin' the bio, I have to agree with you on the intelligence but doing poorly in school.  I think I am a fairly intelligent person in most aspects and try very hard except those tests get me every time!  I am just a average student sadly :( 

Trying not to judge people outloud I think is the best anyone can hope for!  Judging instantly in our heads is just something we do naturally, we can't hep that.  I commend you for trying though!  

P.S. Write more!  I want to read more!!!!!  I love the poems on the forums! 

medicalkitten Nov 4, 2007

oh I'm sorry that must suck a lot :[ I know the feeling all to well. My parents hate my boyfriend so they ground me for weeks on end so I can't see him at all.

medicalkitten Nov 4, 2007

Oh I just relized I never finished reading your comment . Woops I'm such a spaz sometimes. I was distracted by my dog chewing at the curtains......

well anyway that kinda happened to me when I got a boyfriend I spent more time with him than drawing and then I had to build up my drawing skills all over again. Haha it was a funny time I would be screaming a the paper becuase I couldn't draw something right XD 

medicalkitten Nov 4, 2007

I do admit that YYH had more drama to it, but in a way so did GW it was just sorta hidden more.