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My name is Robert. However, I would prefer if you refered to me as Nightdragon until I state otherwise. I am not an anime otaku but I am an anime fan. I don't watch anime all the time, but I do when time allows or when I just wish to. I am a video game fan aswell. I enjoy playing anime video games, as it combines the two things I love most.

Here are some other interesting facts about myself...

> I have attempted to run over 15 forums (seperately) and all have failed. (which explains why I have such respect for Sothis... for she has created a SUCCESSFUL masterpiece!)

> Despite my intellegence, I do poorly in school

> Anime is the SECOND thing I live for, My friends and loved ones come before anything and everything else

> I WILL not watch an anime if the main character does not have decent character development

> I DO like flash-backs, however I DETEST a constant amount of fillers. *cough*Bleach*cough*

> I do my own graphics, and I have been doing graphics since the age of 8.

> My favorite bands are Rammstein, Linkin Park, Dragonforce, Nightwish, Killswitch Engage, Lorenna McKennitt, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Disturbed.

> I do not normally publicly judge someone unless I am certain that my thoughts and judgements are proven correct. (Everyone judges people in their head instantly, its impossible not to)

> I am strong in my opinions, however I am always open to be corrected.

> I am very open-minded and I love to help people with problems, be it mental, social, academical, or any other possible way. If I can help, I WILL help.

More to come later...

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wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Nov 4, 2007

I am lovin' the bio, I have to agree with you on the intelligence but doing poorly in school.  I think I am a fairly intelligent person in most aspects and try very hard except those tests get me every time!  I am just a average student sadly :( 

Trying not to judge people outloud I think is the best anyone can hope for!  Judging instantly in our heads is just something we do naturally, we can't hep that.  I commend you for trying though!  

P.S. Write more!  I want to read more!!!!!  I love the poems on the forums! 

medicalkitten avatar medicalkitten


Nov 4, 2007

oh I'm sorry that must suck a lot :[ I know the feeling all to well. My parents hate my boyfriend so they ground me for weeks on end so I can't see him at all.

medicalkitten avatar medicalkitten


Nov 4, 2007

Oh I just relized I never finished reading your comment . Woops I'm such a spaz sometimes. I was distracted by my dog chewing at the curtains......

well anyway that kinda happened to me when I got a boyfriend I spent more time with him than drawing and then I had to build up my drawing skills all over again. Haha it was a funny time I would be screaming a the paper becuase I couldn't draw something right XD 

medicalkitten avatar medicalkitten


Nov 4, 2007

I do admit that YYH had more drama to it, but in a way so did GW it was just sorta hidden more. 

medicalkitten avatar medicalkitten

You Rock!

Nov 4, 2007

I used to be into graphics a lot but I was pretty bad in it so I went back to drawing. 

But ya it was a great series for it's time. I still think ,though, that I liked Gundam Wing a lot more when it was still showing on Toonami. 

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