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My Rating System:

0.5 stars: Speak of this again and there will be nothing but pain. Absolutely horrible! Little to possibly nothing about the anime is good, and it's not worth anyone's time. I would never reccomend to anyone.

1.0 stars: It didn't make me want to erase the previous 20 minutes from my mind. Let's not discuss it further than that if we don't need to.

1.5 stars: Too many things went wrong to salvage the worthwhile pieces. "Would I recommend this?" I can't imagine doing so.

2.0 stars: Lots of things went wrong, or there was a smaller number of critical flaws.

2.5 stars: Bad but not the worst. Yeah it's a bad anime but there was a small level of enjoyment out of the anime.

3 stars: Average, not a good anime but not a bad anime either.

3.5 stars: Good all-round experience, or strong enough in its core factors that it overcomes its flaws. "Would I recommend this?" Almost certainly.

 4.0 stars: Excellent work all round. Maybe a little rough around the edges, or gets mired in its concepts by the end, but still innovative/dramatic/enjoyable. An anime that was certainly worth my time and I would recommend it.

4.5 stars: One of the best experiences I've had with anime. Did the very best it could with what it had.

5 stars: One of my all-time favourites. Accomplished something truly special in my eyes; there were several things about the anime I loved and there was either very little flaws or non at all, an anime that was not only worth my time but I felt glad that I was able to watch it and experience the glory of the plot. I would highly recommended to people.


As for genres I dont really care what genre the anime is as long as its enjoyable.

I would watch any kind of anime,

but weather I will like it or not it doesnt have to do

anything with the Genre it is. (=`ω´=)   


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WaoAlien says...

Under the evil power of Cob

Jul 31, 2015
Doflamingo45 says...

That Katekyo Hitman Reborn/True Tears greatness.

I see you plan to watch Hunter x Hunter. I suggest when you do, you watch the 2011 version.

~Random Anime Planent n00b

Feb 11, 2015
clacecake says...

Hi, I just stumbed upon your account, and I'd just like to say, "IT'S AMAZING!" You seem to really put a lot of thought into rating and commenting about animes! 

While I am writing this comment there is a bar on top that has different options on why you are commenting on this person's account, and I'd just like to say I'd select them all:) 

great account, I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

May 13, 2014
XxFunnYxX says...

Thanks for friending me. :)

How are you doing today?

Jan 13, 2014