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Hello and welcome to my profile!

Favorite [whatever]:

- I tend to enjoy seinen anime and manga (excluding many ecchi stories), but manage to find something to love in any demographic (including yaoi and yuri). I also like shoujo, because those are the types of stories that got me hooked on anime and manga in the first place.

- My favorite genres include psychological, horror, thriller, and adventure. I love tightly woven, engaging stories that make you think, but aren't overly pretentious or convoluted. I tend to gravitate toward anime and manga aimed at older readers, but I have a soft spot for magical girl stories. Most magical girl shows and books are gratingly annoying, but I love a lot of them anyway.

- My least favorite genres include mecha, harem, reverse harem (adapted from otome games), and slice-of-life (including moe). I used to dislike sports anime and manga, but have been warming up to the genre lately. Mecha anime tend to bore me as I never found the mech battles particularly engaging, and I feel like a lot of the mech pilots are pretentious douchebags. I'm sure that there are some good mecha series out there, but I don't want to slog through more anime to find them. Harems annoy me for three basic reasons: 1.) the mandatory female tsundere, 2.) the bland, wish-fullfilment protagonist, and 3.) the replacement of plot and characterization with ecchi and random bouts of lust. Are there good harems out there that break the mold? Yeah, and I don't include them in this. But a lot of harems are just excuses to show breast shots and panty shots. Which brings up the following point--why didn't I include ecchi in this list? Because if ecchi doesn't become the purpose of the show (which is possible, as it doesn't have to be a genre), I don't mind it. I mean, who doesn't like seeing an artistically rendered pair of pantsu every now and then? Now, for reverse harems. I'm not including most non-otome game adaptations, because those can and sometimes do have strong, likable characters and intricate plots. (Granted, some are crappy, but they pale in comparison to some reverse harems). Otome game adaptations suffer from the wish-fullfilment protagonist problem, sometimes having protagonists so boring they don't even have names. I played a bit of an otome game as a super sweet, competent-until-the-plot-wouldn't-let-her-be-competent protagonist. And, yeah, it felt really sweet when a sexy young man acted all tsun tsun around me and blushed when I tended to his wound. But then I would turn the game off and realize that, not only was I not the cute heroine, but I was also not getting serenaded anytime soon. That's kind of how I feel watching most reverse harems. Like, "damn, it would be so awesome if ten bishies fell head over heels for me." And then reality hits and I'm just left sitting there thinking about how crappy the show was. Stupid reality. Finally, the slice-of-life and moe genres! (Yes, it has gotten to the point that the general consensus is that moe is in fact a genre.) The problem with slice-of-life is that it's either a boring story about some characters with lives slightly more interesting than mine (yep, reality hits you REALLY hard with this genre), or it's entertaing. More often than not, I lose out and find that bland slice-of-life story. Moe, which used to be a subgenre of slice-of-life, is crap aimed at people who like watching cute little girls doing cute things and just generally acting cute. If I need to explain why 99.99% of the stuff in this genre is absolute sh*t... then I've got some news for you.



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Mangina says...

I've been away for what feels like a year and no message from you!


Feb 20, 2013
PurpleCatAngel says...

Nice selection of animes.

Feb 13, 2013
MFM says...

Like the way you did your bio and anime selection. Cant stand episodic anime neither but Mushishi has to be the exception. Like a good movie/book, anime must have a continuous and good plot so it can make me watch more and more.

Feb 11, 2013
Nanikagaarimasuka says...

I live on a metaphorical mountain.

Feb 7, 2013
AkaiIka13 says...

Sorry for the late answer.

You could learn japanese, I know I want to XD

And you´re kinda right, almost every language is similar to another.

Feb 5, 2013