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Nov 24, 2012

Yet another anime of the fall 2012 season.

Story: The story of "Psycho-pass" is a bit difficult to explain, because the initial premise is more of a background than an actual storyline. Tsunemori Akane, a young woman living in a sci-fi version of (what is probably) Japan, becomes a police woman/detective/mediator and is whisked away into the dangerous underground world of the police force. The official gun of the show is specially designed to eliminate only criminals, who are identified by their psycho-passes. Most of the police force, and the people under Tsunemori's loose control, are actually criminals who have decided to better themselves. Why former killers and the like are allowed to run rampant as part of a ragtag police force is anyone's guess.

On her first mission, Tsunemori believes that the criminal woman is innocent, despite her cloudy psycho-pass. This is all fine and dandy, except that Kogami Shinya (who is basically just Hibari from "KHR!" with a broader build) still tries to shoot crazy lady. Tsunemori, being the genius newbie that she is, SHOOTS KOGAMI. Now, instead of firing her like they should, the police force applauds Tsunemori. Well, derp.

In the following expeditions, Tsunemori and the gang go around doing what any good-natured, borderline-bOnKeRs police force would do--they blow up everything in sight. Well, they would, except for the fact that Tsunemori is a Mary Sue, OF EFFING COURSE.

The series has progressively improved, which is a great thing. However, the shock-value moments (honestly, they aren't even that shocking) are unnecessary.

Animation: The anime looks excellent. While it's no "K," the color palate and fluid character movements are appealing. As far as character designs go, they are odd. Tsunemori's eyes are enormous, which feels a little too moe-shoujo for this show. As I mentioned before, Kogami is the spitting image of Hibari. Most of the other designs are just as simplistic, and some of the minor characters look the same. These are rather minor gripes, as the general designs and production values make for a visually striking, if not a tad generic-looking, anime.

Sound: The OP, while weird, is unique. The ED is kind of... j-pop? How should I explain it? Anyway, the insert music is pretty cool and fits the tone of the show. Voice acting can sound flat at times, but is good enough to be better than mediocre.

Characters: It is rather difficult to judge development for an ongoing series, but I can try.

No picture as of yet.

Tsunemori Akane: The Mary Sue heroine of the anime. Just for the record, if you did not know already... I DESPISE Mary Sue characters, and that is not an understatement. She has more guts than most, so she is more likable than most Mary Sue girls, but she is still irritating. Her ignorance and lack of a personality make her one of the more boring heroines of anime.

Kogami Shinya: While the most badass character of the series, he is still one of those silent characters. One great thing about strong-and-silents is that every word they say is EPIC. Or at least near EPIC. (Or at least some s-and-s characters are like that.) Kogami is not. He is quite bland, and I think the creators knew this, because they totally pulled a Taylor Lautner and he is shown without a shirt every few minutes. (He has to do that. It's in the contract.)


Ahem. Moving along...

Masaoka Tomomi: He is one of those non-perverted older men so rare in anime. He is a sort of mentor to Tsunemori, and doesn't do much else.

Everyone else: I'll record actual names if I get the chance, but here's the short version: Bland archetypes with no development.

Overall: It seems to be gradually improving, but the boring characters and a lack of logic bring down an otherwise potential-laden show.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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