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Nov 17, 2012

Edits will be done in bold.

My most anticipated anime of the fall 2012 season...

Story: Isana "Shiro" Yashiro is blamed for murder after his doppelganger is seen shooting a man in a recorded video. Shiro believes he is innocent, but since the public always believes in a viral video, Shiro practically receives the death sentence.

Ooh, me next. Hmm… “Gangnam Style” must mean that all Koreans are perverts who dance at the most random moments, right?

Moving past that slight plot hole is the actual “plot.” Unfortunately, what initially looks like an awesome suspense-action-thriller anime ends up as more of an awkward slice-of-life. I am well aware that many people love slice-of-life anime; however, I do not (with a few wonderful exceptions). This change-of-heart shall be mentioned later, and in more depth.

Overall, I find that the plot had plenty of potential, but most of it was wasted.

The plot is now on the fast-track to becoming a mindscrew.

In the wake of the piece-of-crap the ending of "BTOOOM!" was, I figured I would hate this ending. Actually, it is quite powerful. Well, some of it is. Unfortunately, the obligatory cheese factor and the fact that a second series has gotten the green-light destroys most of the impact of the scenes.

Animation: There's no denying it: This anime looks incredible. It looks EXACTLY like "Guilty Crown:" generic-looking bishounen and pretty girls mesh with stunning, light backgrounds. The animation is stellar. However, there is one HUGE complaint: It is not used to it's fullest potential! The first episode has an action scene which is beyond gorgeous, but most of the anime is not action. Because of this, the animation cannot be exploited as it should be. Expanding on that, the animation gradually gets less and less awesome. Episode one looks beyond amazing, but episode 13 looks only good.

Other than that, there is the rest of the artwork. Character designs are okay, and most characters look distinguishable from one another. There are some random ecchi moments thrown in for no reason other than the fact that, well, ECCHI. The backgrounds themselves look great.

Sound: I kind of despise the OP, both the music and the visuals. The ED is better, but not by much. The insert music itself is quite nice, actually, and is fitting without being overbearing. Insert sounds are rather nondescript, and the voice acting is neither great nor bad, with the exception of Neko's voice. Her voice is annoying to the point that it ruins a scene.

Characters: Forget a picture, for now.

Isana "Shiro" Yashiro: He is, in a word, dull. The generic shounen "nice guy" ("s finish last/That's why I'll treat you like trash/It's not really..."), he doesn't do a heck of a lot. So far, he has encountered zero character development. And, as I said in the forums, he looks like Mary Poppins when he flies around with the parasol.

Yatogami "Kuro" Kuroh: Moving past the fact that Kuro and Shiro's names mean "black" and "white," he is just like Shiro: DULL. He starts out showing hints of badassness, but that is thrown away when he just becomes a handsome sidekick with a walkie-talkie quote fetish. (Yes, you read that correctly: "Walkie-talkie quote fetish.")


He encounters zero development, but some regression into a less-epic version of himself, so whatever.

Neko: The obligatory "sexy cat." Seriously. That's her only purpose as a character.

You know what? I'll try to add more characters later. For now, here's the short version: No character development, and the only backstory shown feels almost forced and cheesy. At least it's there, though.

Overall: A pretty big disappointment so far (especially considering my through-the-roof expectations), but at least it succeeds on one level: It is laden with bishies and pretty girls. (Though if you want those things, at least watch the superior "Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster" instead.)

5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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