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I love a good horror manga, so when I found this, I was ecstatic.

Story: A weird urban legend has been circulating--a gothic lolita asks if you need a sister, and depending on your answer, strange things will happen to you. Itou Kazuki is taking out the trash one night when he sees a dirty girl sitting atop bags of garbage. He's mildly disturbed (who wouldn't be?) but goes on his merry way. The girl then asks if he needs a sister.

I believe the correct answer would be "purple beanstalk."

Unfortunately, Kazuki does not know that this is the correct answer (-.-'), and he has a sister. He tells creepy-filthy-odd lolita girl this. Well, herp-a-doodle-derp.

Thus begins a long line of suspense, yandere, horror, gore and pantsu.

(About that last part, there isn't THAT much ecchi. Not enough to earn the tag, at least.)

Art: Everyone (except for the adorable Lolita-chan) has a stock character design. Lolita's design, however, is downright freaky. From her missing (?) eye to the stitches on her arm, she emits this unsettling air. The backgrounds are average, and certainly not the focus. The panty shots are pretty much contained to one scene. There is a bit of top-half nudity in this (and nothing is censored). The blood (there is quite a bit of it) is drawn well, and the various forms of torture are gruesome and whatnot. (Yeah. If you can't handle a lot of "Higurashi"-style torture scenes, don't read this.)

Characters: This is a short manga, so one cannot expect much in the way of development.

You want a picture, you greedy little bastard? My current avatar is from this manga, but I'll probably change it soon. There. There's your pic. Now shut up or I'll send a gothic lolita to your home and she will staple your eyelid open. ^.^

(I'm just kidding! There aren't many pictures from such an obscure manga!)

Itou Kazuki: He doesn't deserve any of the sh*t he encounters, but that's how life works. He truly cares for his sister Hikari and tries to do everything for her. Other than his less-extreme Lelouchism, Kazuki is pretty nondescript. He does not set himself apart from the rest of the character crowd.

Lolita: She's a cross between a tsundere (she likes hurting [REALLY hurting] the main character) and a yandere (she's a crazy, sadistic girl with some obsessive traits). Much like Gasai Yuno of "Mirai Nikki," she makes the manga. If she stopped being such an odd character, this would be a generic manga. However, she is well-done enough to carry the manga along using only the power of a few... "tools."

Itou Hikari: The poor girl is Kazuki's sister, which basically makes her the object of much pain. (And some panty shots on the side.) She, like her brother, doesn't do much. (Okay, is there a curse or something? Generic name=generic personality?) On the other hand, she seems to have more guts and common sense than so many other characters in existence nowadays.

Then we have the minor characters: The archetype-helpful best friend, the other archetype-helpful best friend, and the very few other characters in this series.

Overall: Pretty awesome storyline, meet other stuff. The art is average, except for Lolita and the blood. The characters are stock, except for Lolita. Basically, this manga is so kickass because of one character, so props to her for managing that! In all seriousness, though: I did enjoy this. Maybe not quality-wise, but certainly suspense-wise. A nice edition to the horror genre.

6.5/10 story
6/10 art
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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