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Kuroshitsuji 2

Sep 30, 2012

The first season of "Kuroshitsuji" ("Black Butler") was pretty damn cool. I don't normally like episodic shows, but the random escapades were balanced by enough serious arcs to make it work. Not to mention, the humor was chuckle-inducing, the darkness was great, the guys were h-o-t, and some of the characters were flamboyant and fabulous (I'm looking at you, Grell-sama).

And then they had to go and add some bitches and eff up the whole franchise.

Story: Little Blonde Slut and his demon butler, Sebastian 2.0, have a war to the death with our original protagonists. And a prostitute joins.

That's the overlying idea, but the poor pacing and inconsistent episodes (except for the final four) make for a weird series. Quite a few new characters are added, but the major ones are thoroughly unlikable. More on that later. The dark humor is practically thrown out the window, and most of the series feels tired.

Oh yeah, and (MINOR SPOILER ALERT!) Ciel loses his memory for some freaking reason. (END SPOILER!)

And then there is the ending of the series. Disappointing mindf*ck.

Animation: First and foremost, the oodles of eye candy is prominent and proud. Alois and his legs join the crowd, along with Claude and his... glasses? He looks like the love child of Sebastian and William. Unfortunately, mild ecchi joins the picture. In a series like this, it seems completely pointless. And guess what? It is.

Animation is same as last season (okay), except for a few wonderful scenes portraying Claude's bullet-dodging, unicorn-birthing, cake-baking dance-offs. Those have fantastic animation. (That was a joke, by the way.)

Sound: The Gazette's "Shiver" is a cool OP song, but it's not super memorable or anything. No complaints on that or the ED song, but neither is great. Insert music and noise is completely forgettable. Voice acting is, once again, practically spot-on. Ono Daisuke voice is as sexy as always, Sakamoto Maaya is good, and most other seiyuu are as good. Claude and Alois have fantastic seiyuu. My one complaint? The godly Fukuyama Jun doesn't get to do as much work. I have not listened to the dub.

Characters: Oh, sweetpotatopiealamodemmmthatsoundsgooddarnnowsohungrygimmefoodporfavor.

This will not go well, will it?

(No development, and the bitchy characters are dislikable. Even with the backstories.)

Characters: Man with glasses: Claude Faustus; boy with blonde hair: Alois Trancy; boy with blue suit: Ciel Phantomhive; man-who-really-looks-like-Claude-but-isn't-wearing-glasses: Sebastian Michaelis.

Claude Faustus: Aforementioned Sebastian 2.0, this guy has the personality of a drab old paint chip. His only defining feature? He's a total douchebag.

Alois Trancy: I think I'll spend some time writing a lovely little poem for this young man. I'm sorry because I'm no good at poetry, but here's my attempt at spelling out his name.


Leggy (Yeah... I can't think of anything...).

O rly? Who invited YOU to the franchise?



Tongue, as in, DAT TONGUE.

Rippin' out yo' eyeballs...

A bitch.

Not nice.

C... c-cannot say this word...

Y U NO LEAVE?!?!?!?

Booyah! Seriously, though. I believe (was it Cassiesheepgirl? Argh, I don't remember) put it best--you want to punch him.

Ciel Phantomhive: He's in my review of the first series, but this time around, he is... different.

Sebastian Michaelis: Mr. Yes My Lordo is treated as a bit of a joke this time around. Sorry to say it, Sebby fangirls, but it's true.

Hannah Annafellows: Her sizable... dirty pillows ("Carrie" reference? Seriously, NND?)... are used to their full extent, and she is treated like a whoring masochist. Yay. I surrender.

Grell Sutcliffe: Unfortunately, he spends the whole damn series trying to snap candid shots of, ahem, Sebas-chan.

Those three people: Three clones. They have less personality than Claude.

Ronald and William: These two shinigami are perhaps the saving grace of this show. They hardly appear, but manage to wedge in some much-needed humor.

Everyone else: Who the heck cares?

Overall: Far inferior to the second series, "Kuroshitsuji II" is one of those sequels you just want to shove out of a window. Get rid of this, and you have a superior prequel without a crappy sequel to weigh it down.

4.5/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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